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Traffic Rules To Follow In Australia

Traffic Rules In Australia, Driving with kids, Wearing seatbelts, Drinking and Driving, Driving in Sydney

Traffic Rules In Australia

Are you thinking of visiting Sydney and want to know more about how to navigate in traffic? Or are you a native and want to know more about the traffic rules of your city? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, all the basic rules for driving while in Sydney will be discussed. They are a guide for the reader to easily navigate through the city without getting into any trouble. This article aims to educate people about the safety and regulations of Sydney. There are many regulations that a person has to abide by. some of them are listed below:

Keep driving license at all times: The driving license is the identity of the person driving the car.This is the most important a person has to follow. If he/she is a citizen, then they have to keep their driving license on them all time, and if the driver is on a tourist visa then, he/she will require a permit for driving internationally along with a valid driving license of a country he/she lives in.

Driving with kids: While traveling in a car with kids, proper rules have to be followed. For instance, there should be a kids seat in the car, if the kids are seven or below. Sydney traffic rules are very strict in this regard, so negligence in any of these rules can create trouble.

Wearing seatbelts: It is strictly prohibited to be in a car without wearing a seat belt. This step is taken to ensure the safety of all the people sitting in the car. Both the passenger and the driver need to follow the rules, or they will have to face severe repercussions.

Follow speed limits: Every road in the city has boards on which the speed limit is mentioned, especially when the car is in the area with a high amount of population. Violation of the speed limit automatically results in a fine.

No mobile phone: Driving requires the sole attention of the driver. Losing focus can cause accidents. So, the driver cannot use a mobile phone when he is during. It is not even allowed to look down at the phone. As it is considered a serious crime, the traffic police can stop the car anytime.

No Drinking and Driving: Drinking causes the person to lose focus. As mentioned above, driving requires the sole focus of the driver, so drinking and driving in Sydney is strictly prohibited. Traffic police have the authority to do random testing on drivers to check whether they are under the influence of alcohol or not. If the person fails to pass the test, he/she will not be easily left off the hook.

So, it is important to know all about the rules and regulations of a place where a person intends to drive. Although if you are a beginner, your instructor from Driving School Sydney will let you know about all of these and other rules too, along with teaching you how to drive. It not only ensures your safety but also of the whole community. Following these rules will keep the person out of trouble and others as well.

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