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Toyota Corolla vs Ford Focus: Which is the Better Choice?

Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus

If you are looking to buy a sedan, a quick glance at the specs and features of all the vehicles in this crowded field will tell you that the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus are two of your best possible choices. With reliability and performance that are difficult to match, it is not hard to see why both the Corolla and Focus are regarded as two of the most formidable sedans on the market today.

In this article, you will discover which of the two is the better choice in terms of their design, practicality, and overall performance.


When it comes to design, both the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus are great options. The new-generation Ford Focus is a way far cry from its previous versions, with a nose that appears more extended and pointing down and headlights featuring a uniquely lop-sided shape. Inside the Ford Focus, you will notice how the refreshed version of this sedan has given way to a more minimalist design with most of its buttons previously on the cabin now located on its huge dash-top screen. You will also love how novel-looking its exterior styling is, although overall you may also find its semblance with the Fords from the 60’s.

Meanwhile, the older versions of the Toyota Corolla were not really widely adored for their looks—but that is not the case anymore. With the 2021 version, what you get is a sedan that seems sexier and a whole lot more contemporary, keeping the same pointy nose of its predecessor while featuring obvious upgrades on its lights, headlights, and gigantic grille. Just like the Ford Focus, the Toyota Corolla features a minimalist interior design highlighted by its huge and neatly designed dashboard. Its interior also feels comfy, thanks to its ample space that incorporates a large and neatly designed dashboard.


Now let’s talk about the engine. The Ford Focus’ 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder turbo-petrol engine might put you off, but there is more to it than meets the eye! This engine can match the capacity of the 4-cylinder engine of its predecessor and can also make as much as 2Kw extra power and 240Nm of torque! If you are all for frugality, this one won’t disappoint because of its cylinder-activation feature.

But just the same, the new Toyota Corolla comes with a 72kW/142Nm,1.8-litre 4-cylinderpetrol engine that takes turns with its 53kW/162Nm electric motor to get its front wheels running. So if you think the Ford Focus is the king of frugality, you should look at what the new Toyota Corolla hybrid has to offer. Its petrol engine and electric motor taking turns to run the vehicle make it the smoothest hybrid out there! Well, you may not appreciate how other cars with a petrol engine tend to rev for no reason sometimes, but you will never experience that with the Corolla.

Fuel Consumption

Since you want a frugal car, it only makes sense to look at how the Ford Focus and the Toyota Corolla fare when it comes to fuel economy. Ford claims Focus consumes 6.4L/100km of fuel if used for both urban and open-road driving. The Toyota Corolla, being a hybrid, may not be as fuel-efficient as plug-in hybrids but it consumes just about 4.2L/100km when used in urban and open-road driving. That makes it a pretty good choice when it comes to fuel economy, considering it is not even a plug-in hybrid!


If you plan to use your new vehicle as a family car, then you cannot look past its practicality. Both the Ford Focus and the Toyota Corolla have something good to offer in this respect, so the better choice will heavily depend on the specific features that you require. The Ford Focus is practical in the sense that it has ample space inside, and even someone as tall as 190cm can sit comfortably in it without its great headroom and legroom. You will also love how this car comes with a pretty good amount of storage, including a console bin at the center, cup holders, bottle holders, door pockets, and more!

The Toyota Corolla, on the other hand, has just the right amount of headroom and boot space. If you opt for the version with the tire-repair kit, you can take advantage of its full 333-litre storage capacity! That makes it an ideal family hatch, especially if you love going on long trips and often have plenty of luggage to load. Even its cabin storage is amazing, with its center console bin being coupled with a small tray in the second row that is good enough to keep a wallet.


It is clear that both the Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla are great options for a sedan, but if you are after practicality, fuel economy, and design, the Toyota Corolla proves to be the better choice. Aside from it being far more fuel-efficient than other hybrids out there, it is also great for city-driving and makes an ideal family car.

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