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Top Trends In Casino Game Development

Casino Games

Recently, the popularity of online casinos has emerged. The first online casinos of their kind appeared in the mid-90s. While real money at remote casinos is part of their appeal. As technology improved, players quickly realized that in general it was much more convenient to play online, and thus a multi-billion dollar industry was born.

Fast forward to the future and the casino game development is in better health than ever before. Players from all over the world regularly log in to take part in their favorite games, hoping to win real money prizes from classic casino games like roulette and blackjack to online slots with huge progressive jackpots. But with the next casino ever a click away, operators have very little choice but to constantly innovate and update their offerings to stay relevant and competitive.

Technological advances in the casino industry

Some of these technological advances are already underway, but let’s face it: they are advancing at lightning speed. Although VR gaming is only possible for certain PC games, it can be assumed that this technology will soon be used by land-based casinos to monitor and better control cheating, such as poker or blackjack. Hidden cameras can be evenly distributed throughout the poker room, while security technicians will be able to check each player and their play style, for example, directly from the video surveillance room, without having to be in the poker room.

Le VR glasses visualize the environment in real-time, and the guard will be able to walk around the player, view his cards or watch the player take a new card without even being physically in the poker room. Detecting and controlling poker fraud, as well as more effective prevention of card counting fraud in blackjack are just a few of the benefits of this technological advance.

Holograms and Virtual Reality Games – Next Trends in Online Games

3D slots with VR glasses will provide a seamless 360-degree gaming experience for players who can play in Las Vegas casinos. Recent trends in online gaming already offer a similar experience, but with VR there will be no need to distinguish between the digital and physical worlds at all. Smartwatches are another popular trend that has already done a lot to improve mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming apps are great, but if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level when you’re on the go, you can place a bet using a voice command on your smartwatch. On the other hand, DIY holographic screens for mobile devices are very easy and simple to make, but in the future they will be improved and become an ideal tool to decorate HD casino games for smartphones and smartwatches. However, there must be a software vendor to adapt their games to such a holographic application. Can you imagine in 50 or 100 years, depending on the results in one race, on huge interactive holographic screens instead of simple high-quality 70-inch screens?

IGaming Market Trends: Things to Consider

The gambling business not only instantly adapts to global market changes, but also sets trends for the entire IT segment.

The most promising iGaming trends

  • Mobility. With the growth of mobile traffic in the industry, the mobile game development effect is observed: content is first created for tablets and smartphones, and then adapted for desktop users.
  • A virtual reality. The technology has found applications in the creation of slot games and in the betting business. According to IDC forecasts, the turnover of the VR industry will grow by 77% by 2023.
  • Cryptocurrency support. By 2021, digital transactions are supported by the PayPal service. The largest banking system Visa announced the development of a similar service.
  • Social content. Products with a new monetization system have appeared: bets in games are presented as additional optional purchases.

Payment and reliable systems

Even not the most complex logical conclusions indicate that the speed of depositing funds to a gaming account determines the activity of the audience. Do not forget about withdrawals, the time frame of which should be as short as possible – an extremely important step in building a positive casino reputation.

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