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The Top Tools for Effective Social Media Management

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Most businesses rely on a variety of online marketing strategies. Some of these strategies include email marketing, social media, affiliate partnerships, associate programs, using search engine marketing and SEO, and even using advertising marketplaces like, AdClerks, etc.     

One of the essential elements of a successful digital marketing campaign is the use of social media marketing. According to The Content Factory, a significant percentage of all marketers – 90%, say that social media marketing has significantly increased their business exposure. It doesn’t matter what industry, niche, segment, or what kind of audience you have, a massive chunk of your customers and leads are on social media. Therefore, social media posts and advertisements are highly-significant because they can drive targeted traffic straight to your business. 

In order to advertise effectively on the different social media platforms, companies invest heavily on unique original content. However, there is no point spending resources on great content if your business or company is not able to monitor your post’s and ads’ impact and influence, and that’s exactly why you need to optimize and analyze them using a few social media management tools which we’re about to discuss in a moment.       

Social media management tools help companies create, schedule, and analyze their content on the various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It also plays a significant role in engaging with potential and existing leads and customers. There are three important features that every useful and efficient social media management tool must have – analytics reporting, social engagement, and RSS integration and publishing.    

Here are some of the top tools that you can use for effective social media management:   

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is always on the list of top tools because it is a one-stop shop for managing and scheduling all social media accounts through one user-friendly platform. It has a smart social inbox feature which helps you monitor your brand on the different social media platforms. Sprout Social is also a robust tool for analyzing data, including demographic and geographic measures. The best thing about Sprout is that it can manage multiple accounts across all your business’ or brand’s social media channels. 


Another favorite tool among social media marketers, HootSuite, offers content curation, scheduling, organization, and RSS integration. It features bulk scheduling, allowing you to upload several posts all in one go. It supports a variety of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress. 


Brandwatch distinguishes itself because it is a powerful social listening tool, offering social sentiment analysis. This internationally-acclaimed social intelligence tool uses social sentiment analysis to show the tone of the data collected from the profiles that your company has connected with. From that data, your company will be able to tap into the emerging themes and trends and use it as leverage to keep your company ahead of the pack.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is an in-depth social media analytics tool, providing thorough analytics and reports. Although it is a bit more expensive than some other tools, it provides more sophisticated reports such as content analysis, date and time engagement analysis, and community analysis. If you want to optimize your content delivery better, then Simply Measured is the way to go.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool, offering many features all in one dashboard, allowing you to Connect and manage 50+ social profiles. It has all the basic scheduling features but does not have Auto Post or Smart Queues. The Social Pilot platform also allows you to connect with your clients without asking for credentials, and upload up to 500 posts with bulk scheduling.

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