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Top Tips on Buying Your First Massager

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If you prefer to have an individual massager rather than call a professional therapist for massage sessions, you need to know which tool is the best for you. Not all massagers are helpful. Some of them can even provide damage if you pick the wrong type. There are websites like that specialize in massagers and usually provide recommendations and make comparisons of products, but you can learn some vital facts about massagers by yourself.

Things to Pay Attention to When Buying an Electric Massager

If you want to buy your first massager, you may be puzzled by all the options that the market offers. In reality, there are too many different sellers and massagers of different quality to find the right one without extra help. You have to focus on these tips while searching through the multiple stores:

  • Massager’s type. There are lots of types of massagers even among those made for a specific body part. For example, a back massager can be shaped like a pillow and provide a Shiatsu massage, a massage gun, a long Shiatsu massager that looks like a scarf, a wand-style product, and even a chair. You have to think about the body part you will massage and which type will be the most helpful for your specific case. For example, a massage chair is great for the person who suffers chronic pain around the body, including the entire back, and probably shoulders and neck. You don’t have to work much to provide massage in this case. You will have to sit and relax. Shiatsu massagers usually contain rotating parts that create the effect of finger massage. Massage guns are great for small territories that require deep tissue actions. Yet, if you need to massage big areas, you will easily get tired. Wand massagers are great for the lower back since you can use ergonomic handles to reach the place where it hurts the most;
  • Variety of speed and functions. You will need to change the intensity level on different parts of the body, based on medical prescription. It is important to have this opportunity. If your massager comes with heads of different shapes, it is even better, so you can provide different types of massage. The speed must at least be switchable to low and high. Check out extra features offered by developers;
  • Heat. If you have problems with your back, you may want to have a massager that provides heating. It will help to relax muscles, get rid of pain, and achieve healthy sleep after the session. If you are buying an electric massager, you have to find out about the temperatures massager can reach and whether you can choose the temperature manually;
  • Durability. The massager must be created from high-quality materials. It must be checked by other users too. Find the model with positive recommendations. Read about the pros and cons of the product before you decide whether you need to buy it or not. A durable massager, even an expensive one, will save your money since you will not have to buy a new one just after you bought it;
  • Price. Pay attention to the average price for the massager you are looking for. Don’t overpay for it. However, the price must be fair. If the massager is too cheap think about its basic functions and durability.

Enjoy Your Massage

You will quickly learn the art of choosing the best massager using these tips. Check out each model you like and search for the pros and cons before you make a payment and order anything. The proper massager can bring pain relief, while the wrong one may cause only more damage to your body. Use these recommendations and consult with your therapist to find out which type of massage is more beneficial for you.

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