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Top Tips For BlackJack

People and Dealer at BlackJack table

Understanding Blackjack

Blackjack is a fantastic game to play online and in the casino, it should be enjoyed without trepidation. While it looks confusing or may appear difficult when you first come across it, it is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Whether you are playing it in a land-based casino, or if you are playing online, such as at all you need to get started at this brilliant game is just a few top tips to give you an idea on how you can play this game to win.

Basic Strategy

The most basic strategy for playing blackjack is to learn and memorize the right way to hit, stand, split and double down your hand. You will cut the edge of the house from 1-2% down to 0.5 just by doing so.

Our tips for this include;

  • Hit when your hand is 12- 16 when the dealer has 7- Ace.
  • Stand when your hand is 12- 16 when the dealer has 2- 6.
  • Double 11 versus the dealers 2-10.
  • Hit or double Ace-6.
  • Always split Aces and 8’s

Never play insurance

Unless you are counting cards and are a pro at this trick, then playing insurance is a dumb move, this is essentially another new bet, which is based upon whether the dealer has blackjack.

Overall, the house has almost a 6 percent advantage over a player with an insurance bet, and even if you have blackjack you will only win your original bet. If the dealer has blackjack at the time you do, then it’s a push. No win, no loss. It is a catch 22, and not an ideal bet to make.

Keep an eye on the dealer’s card

Before you take any action at all, you should check the dealers up card. As yourself if it is bad i.e. 2- 6 or if it is good 7- Ace. What the dealer has will make all the difference in the action that a player should take in this game.

Avoid the first base seat

It is advisable to avoid the first base chair in the case that the dealer is rushing. Sitting further down will give you more time to review your hand and the dealer’s upcard as well.

Ignore gambler myths

Remember that the decisions of other players at the table will not impact your hand in the game. You are playing against the dealer alone, they do not know what you have, and you do not know what they have.

Also, ignore that guy at the table who claims to be an expert, just smile and do what you know, apply basic strategy, and you will do just fine.

Smart off small and work your way up

Don’t go crazy if you or a new dealer just arrived at the table. You should always start off small to get an idea of the situation. Fathom whether the dealer is hot or cold. Casinos never stop, but you do, and hot and cold streaks can have a tremendous effect on a player.



To stand means to stay with the original two cards that you have been dealt and do nothing else for this current hand. To indicate this, simply put your palm over the cards and wave your pal from side to side. This indicates that you are satisfied with what you currently have and wish to do nothing else. Do remember that once you have made the decision to stand, you cannot change your mind.


‘Hit’ means to draw more draws, to do this you extend your palm near the card and ‘scratch’ the table gently. This indicates that you want another card, and then they will deal you one, face-up, and place it next to your original two cards. After this, you need to make the decision if you want to stand or hit again. You can do this until either you make the hand you want or ‘bust’.


This means that if you have two cards of which the total value can be improved by just one good hit, often by cards that combine to be 10 or 11, you just say ‘double down’ you will place an additional equal wager to your original, and you get one card.


This means that if two of your original cards are of matching value, such as 2 Aces, then you can split them into separate hands and play them both for this round. You will need to make a second wager on your second hand.

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