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Top Seo Mistakes To Avoid, Tips To Improve Online Presence 

Top Seo Mistakes To Avoid, page titles, keyword research tools, social media, unique page titles

When planning on getting the most out of your business online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be the first line of action that comes to mind. This is because, with proper SEO strategies, you are guaranteed that your business can enjoy several benefits such as targeted audience, improved website, and business visibility and more, all culminating into increased bottom lines.

While SEO remains an important part of the overall online business success, many require Local Client Takeover SEO training to better achieve their business goals. However, when planning on adopting SEO for your business needs, there is the need to realize that SEO is a fast-changing and dynamic industry that is constantly evolving thus demanding that users remain updated with the latest information and practices

While SEO is a great tool for businesses, staying updated with the latest trends and choosing the right strategies can guarantee the best result. To ensure that you make the most impact and improve your business online, below are some of the common mistakes that you can make to the detriment of your online business and goals.

1.    Failure to use keyword research tools

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an online business is not knowing the right keywords associated with your business. Failure to use keyword research tools before creating content may lead you to invest more efforts for little to no gains.

As a business owner, it is recommended that you invest in keyword research tools, identify the keywords specific to your business and optimize such keywords in your articles and pages for improved website relevance.

2.    Failure to craft unique page titles and descriptions

Your website is different from every other website online and you should aim to make sure that it stands out for its uniqueness. A part of making your website stand out is to craft out unique titles and website descriptions for your business page. A big SEO mistake which will affect your online business is the failure to provide the unique titles required for your pages.

Note that page titles are important for SEO signaling and that search engines read page titles first during the discovery phase to select the relevant websites for a particular search term. Chances are high that your website may not rank high in the absence of a page title.

As part of crafting unique page titles and description, you should also watch out for some common mistakes bordering on putting all pages under the same title and page titles that are longer than 65 characters in length.

When planning on an SEO friendly page title, put the following tips in mind;

  • Page titles should have no more than 60 characters
  • Page titles should be neutral and aim to describe the content of each page
  • Include keywords in page titles but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Make sure page titles are unique to your business
  • Make sure your page titles are attractive as they show in search engine result pages (SERPs).

3.    Lack of social media activity

Social media platforms have become an important aspect of businesses as they offer means of communication and serve as a feedback platform for businesses. The correct use of social media pages will give potential and existing customers the feeling that they are relating to humans and individuals who care about them thus improving engagement. Actively encouraging social media presence can help you grow better followership and also improve your chances of converting potential clients.

4.    Failure to promote your website content (press releases, blog posts, publications and more)

Actively publishing content on your platform is only a part of the job description. After you have written and published an informative blog post or other website content, it is necessary that you go a step further to promote it to your audience.

There are several ways by which you can promote blog posts or newly published website contents. Some of the recommended ideas for promoting web content materials include;

  • Sending to your email list
  • Writing, publishing, and linking of guest posts on authoritative websites
  • Linking of fresh content to older posts
  • Publishing of blog excerpts on LinkedIn
  • Sharing of latest informational articles with followers across social media platforms.

5.    Failure to follow a consistent publishing schedule

Your target audience is interested in your consistency and this is why you should endeavor to make your content as consistent as it can be. It doesn’t matter whether you publish new content daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, it is recommended that you take active steps to ensure that you maintain a consistent content calendar which your audience can predict and stick to.

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