Top Risk Factors For Birth Injuries

Newborn Baby
Birth injury is also known as birth trauma, which basically occurs to the baby or the mother. Well, we consider the baby most of the time as a newborn baby mostly affected by birth injuries. 

When a newborn baby suffers from physical injury during birth, it is called birth injury.

Parents never think about injury to their baby when they are planning to get a baby. Family planning is a big part of married life. When there are only two people that do not need much planning when you are expecting someone new, you would have to plan for that new member in advance. 

A new family member is a central attraction to the whole family. They do not even think of birth injury to their child in their dreams. But we say it is a good option to think of every situation, both positive and negative, to get rid of risky situations. 

When you are taking risks, you are bringing danger to your home as well. Risks become prominent when you do not know about the instance of it. 

Here we will discuss common birth injuries and related risks.

Common Birth Injuries

If you do not know about birth injuries, you are in great danger with the new member. It’s your responsibility as parents to understand what situations a new member can face when he or she is going to face this earth. 

Well, a birth injury may start even when a baby is in a mother’s belly. This is a critical situation to deal with. So we are here to let you be aware of every form of birth injury. 

Let’s find out some common forms of birth injuries that your baby could face in the upcoming days.

  • Bruising or swelling of the head.
  • Small blood vessel breakage in the baby’s eye.
  •  Cranial bones are bleeding. 
  • Fracture of the collarbone or clavicle.
  • Facial injury due to bad pressure. 
  • Arms and hands were injured by a group of nerves. 

These are common with a birth injury. Seven birth injuries you might see in every 1000 newborn babies in the U.S.

Well, you might think that the ratio is too low, but that does not mean there is no risk. Apart from that, if you think that there is no risk, then you are not getting concerned about the risks, and that significantly increases the chances of birth injury risk. 

Risk Factors Related To Birth Injury

If you become aware of the Common Causes of Birth Injuries, it will be easier for you to find out the risks related to them. 

  • Pregnancy complication. 
  • Genetic disorder.
  • Premature birth.
  • Delivery errors. 
  • Fetal oxygen deprivation.

These are the causes that mostly find birth injury easily. Well, now it’s time to find out the risk factors and be aware of those in advance. 

Medical Conditions

During pregnancy, a woman can face various unnatural medical conditions. Though this is not common, it can lead to fatal injury to the baby. 

Then what is the solution to it?

Well, a proper diagnosis during pregnancy is a prominent solution to take care of the mother. When you are taking care of the mother, you are probably taking care of the baby as well during pregnancy. 

A pregnant woman is prone to accidents. Apart from that, it’s easier to attack a pregnant woman with an illness. So, Constant checkups may lead to the proper health of the pregnant woman.

Baby’s Shape And Size

The baby’s shape and size during birth are big issues to consider. If the weight of a baby exceeds 9 pounds, then it is called a macrosomic condition. 

So what is the solution? 

Don’t worry! 

We are living in a modern world where medical treatment is advanced enough to give you a prominent solution for birth injury. In such cases, doctors do not go for vaginal delivery, which increases the risk of birth injury. 

So, C-sections can be a delivery solution to it.

In other cases, the pelvis of the mother may get tricky during the birth, and that directly attacks the baby with oxygen deprivation or even brain compression. 

Doctors use vacuums to give birth to such a child. This is a risky case to follow up with. 

Delivery Position

The baby may not always be in a prominent position during birth. So it becomes hard for the doctor to deliver the baby. In such cases, vaginal delivery is difficult to come up with.

So, the only solution is to let the mother know about the C-section delivery. It might be difficult to compromise, but if you take the risk of normal delivery, the baby might get injured more. 

Medical Mismanagement 

Information about birth injury to the parent is always difficult and heartbreaking. This is the particular situation when the parents get blind about what to do and what not to do at that very moment. 

So, we suggest you take a particular action in advance when it is possible to take care of your baby’s birth injury or even prevent it. 

Well, sometimes, due to medical malfunctions, it becomes hard to give birth to an uninjured child. This type of situation is hard to manage by the parents. 

In such situations, you have only one option, and that is to seek compensation due to medical mismanagement. It might not give your child back in the particular condition you wanted, but it may help you with the expenses that you need to take care of and treat your baby. 

Maternal Conditions

We need to be aware of maternal conditions. It happens when a mother passes some injury to the child before birth. Sometimes it is called preeclampsia. 

If not treated, it may lead to oxygen deprivation and brain damage.

There are various instances of dealing with maternal conditions. One of the prominent solutions is to go for taking care of the mother with regular checkups. 

Follow these risk factors related to birth injury and seek better solutions. If you have inquiries regarding birth injury, you can simply flame in the comment box.

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