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Top Reasons to Give Your Cat Treats

Cat eating treats

If your feline friend is well behaved, you will be moved to give it treats regularly. It could just be about the way it snuggles up to you, or its patience when it comes to food. Whatever the case, giving your cat treats should be part of your daily routine.

Giving cats treats makes them warm up to you. You will find that giving your feline friend treats or desserts after a long day at work makes up for the long hours of your absence. The joy that they exhibit upon receipt of treats is an indication of deep appreciation.

If you are wondering why you need to give your cat treats, we have made a list in this article and we believe you will find them useful.

Reasons to Give Your Cat Treats

Cat eating its food

The following are some reasons why you may need to give your feline friend treats:

Good Oral Hygiene

It is a known fact that brushing a cat’s teeth is very difficult. So to help improve their oral hygiene, you need to give them dental treats that help in reducing tartar and plaque.


Treats provide another way for the reduction of stress in your feline friend. Sometimes cats become uninterested in eating even when their favorite meal is involved. This usually happens when they get injured or they are recovering from sickness.

Offering them soft desserts in such critical times can motivate them to eat as their system needs it for recovery.


Cats also receive treats for training just as dogs. Training cats with treats is a useful re-enforcement technique. You can use it to reinforce certain habits like using the designated litter box and avoiding the kitchen countertops or table. With enough training, you can even introduce your cats to your dogs without them fighting.

To Provide Variety in Diet 

Treats provide an avenue for pet owners to prevent food boredom which usually arises as a result of serving the same meal repeatedly. Besides the usual healthy diet, you serve your feline friend, mixing it with a variety of pleasant desserts will be a good idea.

Animals have taste buds just like humans and since we do not feel comfortable eating the same meal daily, they also feel the same way.

Tips to Note When Choosing Your Cat Treats

The following are important considerations when choosing your cat treats. You can also find additional reading here.

Nutrient Composition

Deciding to give your feline friend some goodies is usually a decision made with good intentions. However, you need to check the nutrient composition of what you are serving your pet. Serving them human foods can be detrimental to their health especially when done excessively. This is because some of these foods contain high levels of salt and calories that can upset the balance of the pet’s diet.

The best option here will be to go for specially made cat goodies that have a good concentration of the needed nutrients.


Treats are designed to be given occasionally so try to resist the urge to regularly give them to your pets. You can give your pet some before leaving for work and when you return. This way, you do not just maintain a healthy balance, you also maintain its interest in having the treat.


If you notice your pet doesn’t like a particular treat, it will be wrong to force it. You have to find out what causes the discomfort and try to adjust. The essence of serving pets with these goodies is for them to enjoy and if they feel uncomfortable with one, it will be ideal to go for an alternative rather than forcing them.

Furthermore, there are homemade goodies that you can prepare for your feline friend and we have listed some of them. Please continue reading as we explain more.

Common Homemade Treats for Cats

The following options will come in handy for your feline friend:

  1. Cheese
  2. Holy Mackerel
  3. Freshly baked flour
  4. Tuna treats
  5. Catnip crumbles
  6. Kitty delights
  7. Tuna hearts
  8. Chewy bars
  9. Tuna crunchers
  10. Coconut croutons and fish

If you do not understand how to make cat treats, you can read articles or watch this video explaining the steps involved. Doing this will give you an idea of how to successfully prepare a treat that your feline friend will love. You certainly do not want to mess the whole thing up so a guide will definitely be handy.

These are some helpful tips you can use when serving your cat treats. Additionally, we have included some tips to help you care for your feline friend.

How to Care for Cats

Here are some tips to guide you:

Serve them Good Food

Good food is pivotal to a pet’s health and wellbeing so try to give it nutritious foods. Additionally, ensure that you provide clean water that is devoid of any form of contaminants. You can monitor your feline friend while it is drinking to make sure it doesn’t contaminate the water.

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth Regularly

It may be a bit difficult but try to brush your cat’s teeth regularly. Doing this will maintain their oral hygiene and prevent any buildup of tartar.

Check-in with a Vet Regularly

Try to schedule a visit to a vet regularly. With this, your feline friend will be examined to see if it has health concerns that need to be treated.

You can also play your role as the owner by observing it to find out when it is feeling sick. If you need assistance in identifying symptoms of sickness in cats, you can check here:


Giving your cat treats is a good way to show care and attention. You can also use it to make up for a long period of absence. However, there are some important considerations before you start giving your feline friend these extras. We have listed some of them in this article so you can check them out.

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