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Top Must Haves Every Business Communication Software Should Have

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Generally, it’s good when organizations decide to explore more and more ways of increasing productivity and efficiency. And what can be better than business communication software? It keeps everyone in the loop and up to date, along with keeping every employee updated about the new things happening in the workplace. Whether you are planning to build a new one or upgrade your existing corporate intranet tool with attractive features, the following is a brief guide to a few of the most practical features that should be included.

Document management system (DMS)

File management is one of the most prominent features of any intranet as it accommodates and manages the workplace’s documents in the form of pdfs, files, and spreadsheets, etc. It acts as a gateway of information that allows the team members to access, share, and save the content quickly and securely in a few clicks.


Every corporate intranet software must be able to integrate business-critical data of the vital responsible areas like gross sales, expenses, generated revenues, and traffic, etc. It will support employees to receive up-to-date information about the company’s activity to make better decisions. Plus, it also helps in responding to multiple business needs along with generating real-time reports, whenever required.

Information generator

Any business communication software should allow the participants to generate and view information whenever required. Processing timely requests and forms become much easier with an effective intranet solution. An effective solution providing relevant information on time also lets the teammates access supplementary records like weekly reports, employee details, and workflows, etc. The best part is that you can respond to all such corporate tasks more rapidly.


Every organization has its confidential data that may include policies, action plans, financial data, or relevant personnel information, which cannot be shared with everyone at the workplace. A reliable corporate intranet will have a password protected feature that keeps the risk of unauthorized access at bay. You can rest easy as there’s no chance of information theft and misuse.

Filter search capability

Exceptional business communication software will always have a refined search feature. It helps employees to extract information as per their requirements. Filters enable quick search via phrases, keywords, type, category, etc. A quality search feature also allows employees to find items or data that are generally stored on the Intranet.

Social networking

Beyond any doubt, organizations are recognizing the value of social sharing and networking online. The increasing demand for adopting it inside the workplace is to create awareness about the brand over multiple social channels. Make sure that your corporate intranet software has the appropriate widgets of all the important and trending social sites so that the workers can connect with people around them and contribute to building a perfect brand image at zero cost.

Collaboration and sharing

Where there are productive employees, great ideas and suggestions are made which are immediately shared with other teammates. An ideal piece of business software won’t miss the feature of sharing at any cost. In general, the communication flow will flow in different ways from top to bottom, bottom to top, and person to person, etc. Adding a blogging feature and allowing it to share, comment, and view on the activity zone will boost active participation.


Every corporate intranet software doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to accessibility. There’s no chance of losing connectivity with the employees even when they are not present at the workplace. It also helps in acting and responding to information/data/reports on time via mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, etc.

The characteristics mentioned above are the must-haves of every business communication software. So better invest in a similar one. And if you are already using one at your workplace, then check out how it compares to other options available.

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