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Top Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Facebook Page Like Growth

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One of the biggest social media networking sites is Facebook, which has over 2 billion users that log in monthly. You can expand your target audience and strengthen your brand’s online presence with a Facebook profile for your company or brand. Yet, brands commit several errors that might reduce the number of likes on their Facebook page. If you want to grow your Facebook page likes, we’ll look at some common mistakes to avoid in this article. It will help you to succeed not only today but for a lifetime in the field of running a Facebook page.

Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Facebook Page

From the below-mentioned points, you will be able to know where you are lacking in growing your Facebook page likes. These are common mistakes that every user makes and unintentionally affect their page. With every mistake comes a list of things that can help to rectify it. Start focusing on improving your Facebook page, and you’ll be happy to see the growth of your page.

•   Poor Quality Content

The significant growth of your page might be affected by posting low-quality content. Your written material should be attractive, educational, and visually appealing. Posting blurry photos, text with poor grammar, and content that doesn’t find appealing to your audience should be avoided entirely. Make sure to devote effort to producing valuable material for your readers and viewers

•   Ignoring Comments and Messages

Increasing engagement is essential for a Facebook page to have growth. You should always reply as soon as someone comments or messages you. Ignoring the feedback from your audience can make them feel unheard and decrease their likelihood of returning to your page in the future. During your page’s regular updates, pay attention to the remarks and messages you receive. It will show your audience your activeness on Facebook.

•   Posting at the wrong time

Every page has an active time, i.e. when your maximum audience uses Facebook. Posting other than those active hours might affect your engagement, as the audience will lose your post between other feeds afterwards. To analyze the active hours of the audience, you can use Facebook analytics or any third-party apps for better understanding. To avoid this, start posting your content at the right time, which will also help to grow your Facebook page likes.

•   Not using hashtags

The biggest mistake the content publisher makes is not adding hashtags or not adding the proper list of hashtags in their post. Hashtags play a significant role in providing reach and engagement for your post. Hashtags sometimes work as keywords. Facebook shows your post to those who have searched the same keyword or preferred to watch the content on the same keywords. It can help your Facebook page earn more likes and followers, as your content will be visible to other like-minded new audiences.

•   Not having a clear strategy

Not focusing on what strategy you are working with can hurt your Facebook page growth. You will end up posting unrelated content if you don’t have a plan supporting your objectives or connecting with your audience. To achieve your page goals, you must develop a plan based on your audience’s preferences, brand personality, and corporate goals. By this, your feed will not define a niche of your page. To avoid this, first, analyze what your audience demands more, catch up with a niche, and then just start posting content related to the particular niche only.

•   Neglecting video content

A study showed that people like to watch videos rather than read the content; because of that, Facebook video views, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts have created their place in terms of watch time. One of the mistakes of your page content is neglecting video content. Suppose you want to grow your Facebook page likes and followers. In that case, you need to start creating short videos ranging from 30 seconds to one minute, whether being an educator, makeup artist, entertainer, or any other person. Once you opt for video creation, you can see your growth increasing at a very good pace.

•   Being too sales-focused

While advertising your goods or services is crucial, excessive advertising can alienate followers and limit engagement. If your followers feel like community members rather than just buyers, they’re more likely to interact with your page. Hence, it’s crucial to strike a balance between advertising content and other information that benefit your followers, including educational pieces, funny videos, or insider looks into your company. Focus on developing a comprehensive content strategy that adds value for your followers to build a loyal following that interacts with your page and shares your content.

•   Not promoting your page outside of Facebook

Limiting to attracting the Facebook audience can be your mistake that can affect the growth of your Facebook page. To avoid this, you must start promoting your page outside Facebook. You can do it in several ways. You can promote your page on your website, and other social media handles such as Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, etc. It will increase audience engagement who are not on Facebook and those who are already on Facebook but have not seen your content yet.

It can also be done by, which provides more views, likes, and comments on your content, leading to increased engagement. The likes provided by them are from active and real accounts that lead to success in the long run. Remember, there is no point in increasing Facebook page likes number without any post engagement, and Buy Quality Likes helps you to overcome this issue. The accounts that like your Facebook page through it are real and hence show the good engagement on your post if your content is good. They never provide likes from the accounts that browse on a regular basis.

•   Not interacting with other Facebook pages

You are on the wrong path if you are not attracting the other related Facebook pages. Interacting with similar pages can be a significant advantage, whether at a starting point or at the midpoint of increasing your page growth. Nowadays, people help each other to grow at the initiating levels by commenting and liking each other’s posts. It can create a sense of friendship with other online pages.

•   Over Posting

Even an over-posting can affect the growth of the page. If you are posting content too frequently, that can overwhelm your followers and make them less likely to engage with your page. Excess of everything is bad, and the same goes for this. You must post within a limit. Posting one video or blog is enough to have it regularly posted.

•   Being too sales-focused

The Facebook page must not always be too sales focused. It must not show that you can engage with the audience only to promote sales of the brand. It does not create trust with the audience and becomes a factor in decreasing sales. To gain trust, you must provide knowledge to your audience by creating videos and giving authentic reviews of the products. It creates a sense of belief that this page always shows genuine reviews of the products. Moreover, only tried and tested products or services must be promoted so that your goodwill must not be affected while promoting other products.

•   Not using Facebook ads

Facebook has provided the service of simultaneously promoting your page or brand to a larger audience. Not using the service of Facebook ads might be a drawback in growing your Facebook page likes. Facebook page likes will increase if you show your content to the maximum audience available on Facebook that is interested in similar brands. Facebook uses the customers’ data through Facebook ads to the clients to benefit their brand. It does not share the data with anyone else. It is just for better engagement and more client satisfaction from this social media platform.

•   Focusing on quantity over quality

You must avoid focusing on quantity over quality. Having many audiences from others does not play a significant role in growth. Growth plays a vital role when you have a good audience with better engaging quality. Pages or posts with mist engagement will likely have more reach than pages with a big fake audience. So never get demotivated if you have less audience of better quality. The Facebook algorithm works more on engagement, not on reach. As discussed above, in over-posting, you must focus on quality rather than quantity.


The above-mentioned top common mistakes affect your Facebook page likes to a great extent. Analyze the errors and start working on them to grow your Facebook page likes. Actively following the remedies available for the mistakes might create a balance between your work and success. Remember these are not the tricks or cheat codes that can accidentally grow your page. You must work with patience and believe in yourself and your strategy-making process. Success is sure with this mantra!

Make a good vision and then divide the steps into missions that can lead you there. By this, you’ll focus on what to do next and gather more information before you start working on the implementation process. It can lead to a good marketing strategy for your page and be one of the top leading pages on Facebook.

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