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Top Industry-Specific Software for Your Valve Business

Industry-Specific Software

Companies are changing to a B2B2C model in an attempt to clarify and service their consumers. This is indeed one of the prominent developments in the valve business. Above all, modern technology is radically altering the valve manufacturing industry.

Industry 4.0 is fueled by automated technology and IT-powered solutions. Manufacturing is undergoing a technological change that is enhancing efficiency and safety. This applies to all, from Big Data to virtual reality.

Businesses are turning to strong factory management software in order to take advantage of this tremendous trend. Numerous aspects of the valve manufacturing process can benefit from technological solutions. This includes shop floor scheduling and time tracking, along with inventory, accounting, and overall enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Look no further than reaching accounting software if you want to effortlessly manage your valve manufacturing firm with the top accounting software. The options are the best for valve makers, managing orders, manufacturing, procurement, and inventory.

An outstanding feature of the OpCentral reporting interface is its multi-level drill-down capability.

1. NetSuite Manufacturing

Oracle’s NetSuite platform really does have an ideal manufacturing solution. It is one of the best manufacturing ERP software alternatives available to date. It’s cloud-based, including tools for managing all aspects of valve manufacturing, from the shop floor to the top level. Customer relationship management (CRM) along with unified product data, and quick order handling are among the most significant features offered by this software.

NetSuite also enables better supply chain control as well as procurement processing, and production planning. All of this is based on balancing supply and demand. From consumer items to medical gadgets, NetSuite caters to a wide range of manufacturing firms.

NetSuite’s standard license is $999 per month, with access prices of $99 per user, per month, depending on your company size.

2. Hubstaff

Time tracking in valve manufacturing is critical for enhancing productivity. Hubstaff Field is a reliable partner in improving the efficiency of your assembly line. Its real-time monitoring features help with planning, scheduling, and personnel management. You may do discreet personnel monitoring and GPS tracking with Hubstaff Field. Data has been collected automatically in online timesheets and fed into analytical reports for your ease.

Through Hubstaff apps, it’s simple to clock in and out from any device. As a result, ensure that time cards are accurate and simple to use for your entire workforce.

Hubstaff also offers simple online invoicing and payroll services to metal seat butterfly valves

manufacturing companies. As a result, you’ll be able to manage timesheets and payments from the same dashboard. The tool also assists you with improved project budgeting based on the comprehensive data acquired.

Try Hubstaff Field for top-of-the-line technology that automatically logs your crew in and out as they arrive at work. Hubstaff Time is a simpler option that does not include GPS. There is now a free plan with limited functionality, but Time plans start at $7 per user per month. Hubstaff Field costs $10 per month per user. A 14-day free trial is also available.

3. Global Shop Solutions

In comparison to NetSuite, Global Shop Solutions is another ERP alternative that offers a different set of functionality. It is aimed at heavier sectors such as machine construction, plastics, rubber,  aircraft, and wood manufacture, among other valve businesses. The production management software comes with a variety of features that you may mix and combine to fit your business’s demands.

CAD interface, inventory, shop floor management, job pricing, product configurator, and quality control are among the most significant aspects of Global Shop Solutions. Furthermore, the platform provides manufacturers with CRM, company messaging, and advertising, among other functions. On request, pricing is available.

4. Prodsmart

Manufacturing execution system (MES) software from Prodsmart is a great choice for valve manufacturers. Its mission statement is to link machines, people, and processes. You can easily convert to digital shop floor monitoring with Prodsmart. The system is adaptable to your operations since it is very versatile. It also processes real-time data, allowing you to see insights right on your dashboard.

Planning and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) tools are also available on the platform. These methods are based on reliable data collecting. As a result, making stock management simpler and more efficient. Prodsmart also visualizes workflows for a clearer picture. It also allows for seamless personnel scheduling and tracking. Quality management can also be done from within the tool.

For a minimum of three managers, pricing levels start at $199 per month per manager. A 14-day free trial is available. Customized business solutions are also offered.

5. Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing is an ERP solution with appropriate functionality and pricing for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses. Work and manufacturing orders, as well as enhanced processing of bills of material expenses, are all included in the package. Manufacturers can track their inventories all across various sites with the help of Fishbowl. Inventory management is made easier with tools like tracking and reorder points.

The software allows you to generate multiple work orders, giving you complete visibility into the production process. Fishbowl also offers functionality for part monitoring, delivery, sales, and purchasing. FreshBooks and Xero are two prominent SMB work solutions. As a result, you can manage your accounting activities using your favorite accounting program while still using the ERP.

6. UniPoint

UniPoint is a market leader in the field of industrial quality management software (QMS). It provides an ERP-integrated QMS that is appropriate for a variety of industries. Some top examples are food and beverage, automotive, medical, and chemical. UniPoint’s tools are divided into three categories. They are core, add-on, and online, all of which aid businesses in automating quality control.

Non-conformance, corrective and preventive action, as well as document management, are all features available in the main modules. Inspection, health and safety, auditing, and validation are just a few of the add-on modules available. You can transition to a mobile QMS with mobile inspection and web requests using the web modules. Pricing can be obtained upon request.

Final Thoughts

Technological advances are already altering valve manufacturing across the globe. At the same time, innovative approaches and tools will undoubtedly help enterprises boost their production in 2022 and beyond.

Manufacturing software solutions can help your firm with everything from shop floor management and scheduling to time tracking and accounting. The tools described here are your first stop on the road to digital transformation. Especially if you’re seeking strategies to increase your production productivity and effectiveness.

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