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Top In-Demand Microsoft Azure Skills For Your Career

Microsoft Azure Skills

Every company is now eyeing for maximizing their potential in using the cloud strategically. There are now multiple options that are available in front of companies that will help maximize return on investment (ROI). If you aspire to become an Azure Expert, check out the top-in-demand Microsoft Azure skills for your career. Read on to find out. 

Must have a balance between Public and Private Cloud 

Gone are the days when companies only relied upon a single vendor for cloud services to meet their requirements. Now, companies look out for other far more efficient strategies like multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategies. According to an industry report, 58% of companies are betting for a hybrid cloud strategy wherein you will have both, Public as well as private cloud services. There was another report which claimed that North American enterprises now use public cloud services and their numbers are an all-time high. The private cloud users are also high as companies now seek a much more powerful cloud setup within their premise to help manage their data, workloads, and other processes rather than sending crucial data outside their organization. 

Must be proficient in Azure Administration and Operations

The best part of using Azure services is that it offers the best services which are easy to use from an admin’s perspective. If Admins are familiar with the Windows setup and environment, they will find it very easy to work with and won’t find it much difficult to deploy. There are many tools like Active Directory and databases like SQL that work very smoothly with the Azure platform. You won’t find an issue while integrating Windows servers that are on-premises with the cloud instances because the process is very streamlined and is easy to create a hybrid environment.  

Many recognized learning partners offer courses and training to help you become a qualified Azure expert in administration. Check out this Azure Solutions Architect training, which has been ranked #1 by India Today, wherein you will be taught how to administer Azure and its services. During the training, you will master several aspects of Azure cloud-like architecture, layers, components, Azure Resource Manager, Windows PowerShell, Cloud infrastructure, and many more. Enrolling in this 40 hours course will help you clear the Microsoft Azure (AZ-104) Admin Certification. 

Must have good experience in developing roles in Azure Cloud

If you aspire to become an Azure Cloud Developer, you must be proficient in developing apps in the Azure Cloud platform. The intention of every developer must be to develop apps and services using the Azure platform to bring down the operation and services cost while maintaining high productivity and performance. Many companies have reported high profits and low expenditure by saving resources and capital on deploying services to their customers just by switching to Azure Cloud. And this has helped them chart new paths, ways, methods, and techniques to explore the customer demands and newfound strategies for much more growth and profits. It has led them to use more computing power and other accessories for further investments without halting or compromising production workloads, etc. Azure has time and again proved its worthiness in reducing the total cost of operations and development so that companies relying on it can focus on other investments. Cloud has helped companies and organizations to reduce the time to market for solutions. 

If you wish to become an Azure Developer, then you must check out this Azure Developer Certification Course, through which you will learn how to develop and implement Azure Cloud solutions like Cloud Storage, security, PaaS, and Azure Cognitive Services. This course is offered in collaboration with Microsoft and helps you clear the Azure Developer Cert to help you chart your path to become a qualified Azure Developer. 

Must know inside-out of Azure architecture

Cloud Architects are widely in demand. Because they know the cloud inside-out. They are experts in the platform they work in. Azure Solutions Architects are capable of building a full-scale industry-grade cloud environment that not just offers maximum functionality but also gives a high return on investments (ROI). 

They offer suggestions to cloud developers on the best practices and strategies that help effectively maximize the utilization of resources. These qualified cloud architects are a real asset to a company using cloud services, because if there is no expert in your team, then there is a higher chance of overusing the resources or underusing it that eventually affects the cost of operations and services. 

If you wish to become an Azure Solutions Architect, check out this Azure Architect Certification Course, which will help you master advanced configuration for networking, reliability, security, disaster recovery, data management, governance, virtualization, identity, budgeting, business continuity, and many more. 

Summing Up

If you are planning on venturing into the Cloud Computing domain, then there can be no better time than today. Explore various options, keep a firm goal, and dive into this trending and in-demand domain by upskilling. 

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