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Top Florida Cities for Homebuyers: Where to Find Your Dream Home 

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Location, location, location – you must have heard it so many times. The location of a property is surely one of the essential factors in the real estate world. It affects the price, size, type of property, demand, market trends, and other factors that may affect the purchase. The place your new home is located will affect your lifestyle as well. You may choose a place that’s close to your office and reduce commute time but live in a noisy downtown street. At the same time, you may pick a home that’s in the suburbs and have all the peace you want – but spend more time in your car when going to work. Luckily, Florida’s got it all. You can find your dream home with ease, and this guide will help you do that. Check top Florida cities for homebuyers and start the house-hunting process only in the best locations in the Sunshine State.

Reasons Florida should be your next home

Still not sure if Florida is ‘the one’? Well, this is one of the most popular states in the country and therefore it’s a heaven for real estate agents. Thousands of people flock to Florida each year, making it one of the hottest markets in the US. There are plenty of reasons why this should be your new home, too:

  • Pleasant weather all year round – the nickname “The Sunshine State” is absolutely valid, as the state has over 250 sunny days per year. This is useful information for homebuyers who want to invest in solar power systems for their homes.
  • All the beaches – if you’ve always dreamed of living close to a beach, moving to Florida is the final step closer to that dream. Florida’s coast is dotted with world-class beaches available all year long.
  • No state income tax – Florida is one of the few states that don’t require you to pay income taxes, so you’ll be able to save some money. However, don’t forget you have to pay sales and property taxes after moving to Florida.
  • The lifestyle you’ve dreamed of – Florida’s residents enjoy a rather laidback lifestyle that includes lovely coastal homes, relaxed clothes, and plenty of recreational options. Staying healthy and living in the moment is what’s life all about here, so prepare for the new chapter of life inspired by the sun, beach, good food, and positive vibes.

Florida has got it all – sunshine, beaches, jobs, entertainment, you name it!

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Where to find your dream home? Top Florida Cities for Homebuyers

The sunshine state has plenty of amazing places to live, and choosing the right one will depend on your personal preferences, work situation, and other factors. However, we’ve selected the locations that tick all the boxes when it comes to quality of life, affordability, and value on the market. Narrow your options with these amazing spots in the Sunshine State and begin the house-hunting process.


Being the state’s capital and the county seat, Tallahassee also makes a great choice for homebuyers. Even though doesn’t have direct access to the beach, the coast is just a short drive away, and there are plenty of amazing beaches in the area. Tallahassee is a great place for families and a city where you’ll find so many things to do, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and eat the best foods. It’s a place where you find homes that offer good value for the money and enjoy a rather affordable lifestyle as living costs are lower than both national and state averages.

Delray Beach

Located right outside Boca Raton, this small city attracts families and young professionals starting fresh in Florida. It has direct access to the beach and an amazing view of the Atlantic, which you can enjoy from plenty of waterfront homes you can find on the market. Make sure you turn to experts in the area to help you settle, find a dream home, and move safely in. With the right team, you can be a resident of Delray Beach in no time, enjoying some of the best sunsets in the country.


Located in the Panhandle area, Destin is surely one of the best places to buy a home in Florida. With amazing beaches and golf courses, this city is popular among tourists, which gives room for rental business. Moving here would mean you’ll live right next to a pristine ocean beach, and have plenty of job opportunities and great schools at your disposal – perfect if you’re moving with your family.


Sarasota may be a popular tourist destination, but it’s also among the top Florida cities for homebuyers. Find your dream home as soon as possible, as the median price of $575,000 seems to be growing each year. Sarasota is a place to enjoy the great outdoors, recreational activities, and an overall safe and stress-free lifestyle. However, the average cost of living is a bit higher than the state average, given that this is one of the hottest spots for tourists.


Homebuyers love Orlando – perfect weather, affordability, and safety make this city a top favorite among families finding a dream home in Florida. Median home prices are lower than in the previous items on our list, so you can expect to get more for your money. Moving to Orland can also be affordable – National Moving Services advise you to go for a couple of local moving teams, compare their offers and then choose the best deal.

Ready to move to the Sunshine State?

Start looking for your dream home with this list of top Florida cities for homebuyers and narrow your options with regard to your preferences and needs. Make sure you’ve got the list of priorities and needs before you start the hunt, as you’ll be able to easily find a perfect match without wasting time on locations and properties that are out of your budget, but also the ones that don’t fit your lifestyle. This is when your Florida adventure starts – a new life chapter in the Sunshine State awaits.

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