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Top Education and EdTech Companies in New Zealand

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Technology has infiltrated and made several sections of life much better, and now education gets its turn.

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A number of tech companies are coming up in New Zealand to introduce learning-focused products such as games, apps, and varied educational software that is changing the landscape of education. Nowadays, there are also amazing tools for students with disabilities.

Five Top EdTech Companies in NZ 

The start-ups in this sector provide educational software to children in lower levels of education and those at higher levels. Their goals are to make study much easier and art fun to master. Here are some examples. 

Go Vocab

As students learn and develop their knowledge in language, they can benefit from an advanced vocabulary that may hard for teachers to keep providing. This is where Vocab comes in by ushering in students into an extensive word-range that they can keep learning from, freeing a tutor’s time while at it. Assignments are sent and checked online, and students have no limit to how much they can study. The software tracks a student’s progress and lists the words that learners showed difficulty in so the tutor can revisit them in class. Users also get to share their own vocabulary for the benefit of others. This peer contribution keeps the platform well-stocked with new words. 

Top Hat

The ongoing pandemic has increased awareness of online learning, and platforms are struggling to provide adequate motivation for learners. Top Hat was designed for such a time as now its users can have interactive classes online and even submit their assignments easily. It provides a way to seek assignment help in New Zealand in a way because you get to ask questions during lectures and answer them too. With online studies becoming a little bland due to a lack of participation from learners, this clicker tool is welcome. 

3P Learning 

Math, literacy, spelling, and science are some of the subjects students struggle with, yet they form a good educational foundation. To help them enjoy these units, 3P Learning has some games that kids can play to get better. They get more advanced with each level to keep learners engaged sufficiently. These concepts that have been helping lots of students all over the world are available to educators at home and school. 


Learning a musical instrument takes time, and it wouldn’t hurt to get some help along the way. Melodics provides pad drumming for users of Mac and Windows devices to make the craft easier to master. Music tracks from all genres are available with the process of learning each of them simplified and explained. While it, in no way, nullifies a regular music class, this software makes it easy to master the art. 

Parent Interview 

Learners are not the only people for whom apps and EdTech are being developed. Parents are benefiting too where with a new app, Parent Interview, that organizes for them to meet tutors online. Busy schedules make it hard to make these meetings most of the time, and so this app bridges this gap. Just the same way one would join a virtual meeting, Parent Interview organizes appointments where attendees’ information is captured to make it easier to keep records of who met whom. 

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Other Helpful Online Tools 


Though it is not specific to New Zealand, Hapara offers students an easier platform for accessing Google educational apps for effective collaboration with each other and their teachers. This way, both students and tutors save time and get to interact more effectively. 

Websites Helping with Assignments 

Other online tools enabling students to get their coursework done in time include assignment help websites run by professional writers with specific strengths in various disciplines. They are available to anyone needing assignment help in NZ, regardless of the subject. Seekers and providers of these services do not need to meet at all. 

We are Just Getting Warmed up

EdTech shows a totally different look at education that makes it more fun and interactive. As with every other technological upheaval, we see the first of it as more and more start-ups look for better ways to disrupt education.

Author’s Bio: Archie Jacobs is a blogger interested in tech, and more specifically, the EdTech space that is growing rapidly. He likes keeping abreast of the changes in this sector as they are quite positively disruptive.

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