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Top DIY Ideas For Birthday Parties

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DIY Ideas For Birthday Parties

You might be celebrating your little brother’s 5th birthday party sometime soon or maybe your grandma’s 90th, your best friend’s 21st, or your father’s 50th, no matter whose birthday it is and how old that person is becoming this year, each birthday should be celebrated in a special way.

A special way can either be a small close gathering where only the extremely near and dear ones come or a grand party where probably everybody they know is invited- it all depends on what he or she likes better because remember, at the end of the day, it’s his or her special day and not yours.

But whether the gathering is huge or it’s small, every birthday party should be fun and unique in some way or the other, and in case you are one of the organizers of a birthday party, no matter whose it is, you need to make sure it’s special.  There’s something magical about showering your party guests with eco confetti bits and knowing that you’re assisting the environment at the same time.

While you might get every decor item in the market for the party, there’s nothing more special and unique than DIY birthday decor because it not just stands out for its one-of-a-kind design but also the fact that it’s handmade by loved ones is what makes it most special- it’s pretty much like a birthday gift itself

If you are throwing a birthday party for someone anytime soon, here are a few DIY birthday décor ideas that you can choose from to turn this party into an event that will forever be remembered by all the guests especially for the super cool and unique decor:

Party hats

Remember when you were a kid and birthday parties were never complete without colorful birthday party hats? Well, bring it back for this party but this time, make it yourself. Make it colorful and make it fun, and make sure you make enough party hats for everybody to have at least one. This will automatically make the party ten times more fun!

A beautiful backdrop

Get some colorful streamers and balloons, or choose it all according to a theme, if you have any for the party (for example, if the theme is retro then you can use black and white, and maybe a bit of red too). Select a particular spot where the party is hosted and make a fun and beautiful backdrop using the streamers, balloons, etc. This spot will probably turn into a selfie spot the moment the guests start coming in.

Confetti glasses

Confetti glasses are one of the easiest to make yet they add so much elegance, romance, and glitz to any party that it’s really amusing. So whether you are planning a sweet 16th birthday party for a girl or a 21st birthday party, or in fact even a grown-up party, you should definitely consider this decor item.


Make chandeliers using colorful ribbons and turn this party into a much more fun and gorgeous event. Such chandeliers add a festive vibe to the party!

Glitter balloons

Birthdays aren’t complete without balloons and well, you can easily turn those basic balloons into glamourous ones by just adding glitters. People at the party are going to love this and these are also perfect props for photographs at a party!

Rainbow water

Who doesn’t love colors, right? Well, turn your otherwise ordinary table decor into a fun and colorful affair by using rainbow water in transparent vases. Glam up the table by using these at the center- all you need is water, transparent vases, food color, watercolor, and some gorgeous flowers.

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Colored vases

If you have a simple vase at home, be it a plain white vase or a transparent one, you can easily paint it and turn it into a fun party decor item. Keep it on the table or at a corner and add beauty to your party.

Painted table cloth

While white table cloths might look great on some occasions, they definitely look boring when they are used for a birthday party. So use a patterned table runner and make fun table cloths using brown/ white packing paper or a white cloth and some paints. You can do hand printing, vegetable printing, or just anything that you want to do on it- let your creative mind go wild!

Ice cream balloons

Yes, basic balloons are definitely good but they are common. So in case you want to make sure that nothing is basic in the party that you are throwing, you should make your balloons fancy as well. Make cones using color paper and stick colorful balloons on top of the cone- tadaa, your ice cream balloons are ready!

Birthday banner

Is it even a birthday if there’s no birthday banner? We don’t think so. Whether you want to write something common like “Happy Birthday” or “XYZ’s 21st birthday” or something more fun like “One where XYZ turns 21” (this will be special especially when the birthday boy or girl is a fan of the show FRIENDS or at least knows a bit about the show)  or any other message that you want to write on the banner, do it because it’s a great idea. Handmade banners are not just cool but are really special too!

Cake toppers

A birthday just cannot be considered as a birthday unless there’s a delicious cake on the table. Do you agree? Whether your cake is an ordinary one or a premium theme cake, the cake topper should be fancy. Use colorful paper to write numbers (age) or a greeting message, or use any other small handmade creative decor item as a cake topper.

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Make these DIY birthday party decor items- these are very simple to make and require basic items, but these can easily turn your party into an extremely fun, unique, and special event.

We wish your loved one a very Happy birthday in advance!


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