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Top Birthday Party Trends 

Birthday party balloons

Covid 19 pandemic greatly impacts many events last year.  Though still doing the same this year but there are some quite innovative ideas springing up here and there. 

The new normal is different from what most of us have been enjoying for a long time. Social distancing, smaller gatherings, and all whatnot are necessary precautions put into place by the government. 

Even with all these precautions, they should not preclude us from celebrating birthdays or attending a birthday party for our loved ones. Everything Party service has everything you’ll need for your next celebration, with party balloons Sydney for every occasion and add-ons such as helium tanks and streamers to attach them down.

Virtual Birthday Party

With the rising constraints of movement in some parts of the world, the majority of people have taken to virtual means to celebrate their birthday party. Hosting a virtual birthday party is quite easy as many virtual hosting companies allow a large number of people to participate in a meeting at once. Companies like zoom can cater to 100 participants at the same time. 

Though some people still hold a smaller gathering of an in-person birthday party, they still hold some parts virtually just to give other people who can’t make it the opportunity to feel among. See for your birthday cakes.

Themed Face Mask 

Gradually, a face mask is becoming a part of our daily dressing, some people are still using it creatively. Along with the Covid 19 precautions, we see people dolling customized face mask to a birthday party. 

You can create a mask bar at the entrance of your event where you handout customized masks for guests. You can even personalize the masks by printing the names of your guests on the same before the day of the party. 

Drive-by Birthday Party 

This trend has been surfacing since last year but it seems it is still gaining more ground daily. This is a way to let your kid see their friends and family within the limit permitted by the government. 

Decorate your car with balloons, stickers, streamers, make posters and banners showing it’s your kid’s birthday, and drive them down to see their friends without getting down from the vehicle. Also, you can order birthday cake online for your kids and give him/her an enjoyable surprise.

Souvenirs and Gift Bags 

I have never seen anyone refusing a good gift bag. Curating gift bags and souvenirs with personalization is one good way to make a lasting memory and impression on your guests. Who doesn’t love custom curated gift bags and personalized invitation cards?

Splurging on Individual Guests 

Even everyone is been affected by the impact of Covid 19, yet still, we have to celebrate our milestone. No better way than to treat your smaller guests to special treats. This will create more intimacy and lasting experience in the mind of your guests while they enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

Picture Backdrop 

With the crazy trends of Instagram and other social media slaying, most people will always want to have their picture taken in every event they go to. People want to celebrate making 2021 after the many gory experiences of 2020. What better way to create a lasting memory in people than a professional-worthy-looking picture.

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