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Top Benefits of React Framework That Makes Life of a Developer Easy

Top Benefits of React Framework, developer tools, debugging tools, virtual dom

The ecosystem of Javascript is growing at a rapid pace, and many new libraries and tools are surfacing at regular intervals. The options for the users continue to increase with time and the same is the case when it comes to frameworks. React as a framework has gained considerable popularity in recent times and is already used by some of the major websites out there like Facebook, PayPal, Tesla, Walmart, Netflix, and more. 

Adoption of React by many of the leading companies across the globe goes on to showcase how versatile this framework is and why it just might be the right framework for your next project. Here are the few benefits of React that you must know –

Easy to Learn and Use

Learning how to use React is not time-consuming or complicated, especially if you have experience with and background in JavaScript. Moreover, React comes with a comprehensive range of tutorials and documentation that would answer any and all questions you might have about the React Framework and how you can use it efficiently.

There is easy availability of resources on different platforms including books, courses and training to help you learn how to use React framework like a pro. If you decide to use React for your project, rest assured there are active support groups online as well. Also, there are lots of solved questions online regarding how to use different elements of React properly, which would help you through the course of your project.

Reusable Components

The React framework is neatly structured and is comparatively easier to code than its counterparts. It is built on reusable components that make the maintenance, structuring, and construction of the app much easier. With React, you can make apps much faster as you would be able to use the components multiple times without having to write specific codes for each layer.

Not only it helps with faster development but also ensures that the look and feel of the app is clean and consistent. In any app development project, the components play a vital role and being able to use components multiple times reduces the burden on developers’ shoulders. There are also many react templates available that you can choose to use in your project.

Virtual DOM

React uses Virtual DOM, and it helps in ensuring that the app is low maintenance. It is because any changes in the app reach the real DOM only after being filtered for any issues at the Virtual DOM. Thus, the real DOM gets the changes without any errors, and therefore, the result is error-free.

It is done through an automated algorithm that performs the changes in the virtual DOM and checking how it reacts before making any manipulation at the real DOM. The user experience is greatly improved through this method, and the chances of bugs in the application are greatly reduced as well.

Great Developer Tools

Developers have access to debugging tools that helps them to check the various components of React independently in the virtual DOM. Developers can enjoy and interact with new technologies when they have access to design and debugging tools. With React, there is easy availability of React Developer Tools for the two popular browsers, Firefox and Chrome. The developers can easily select any component of React they want to examine and can make any changes in their properties as per their project requirements.


The ecosystem of React is already vast and growing with passing time as more and more developers use it for their projects. Even if you haven’t used React framework already for any project, you won’t find any difficulty in starting now as it doesn’t take much time to get used to it.

Moreover, the number of tutorials, documentation, and support available online would ensure that you do not get stuck midway. One of the reasons why many developers choose React is not only because it is versatile and easy to use but also because its ecosystem includes many third-party tools as well. Many third-party tools operate optimally inside React framework, and it gives the developers the liberty and flexibility they are looking for when working on their projects.

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