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Top Advice for Preparing for Your Virtual Job Interview

Virtual Job Interview

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, the interview is one of the toughest things you need to conquer. Today, more interviews are being held virtually. A virtual job interview has a different flow to it, but you can still make a great impression on a hiring manager and potentially land the job you want. Here are some easy tips you should follow to prepare for a virtual job interview.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Before sitting down with a hiring manager or recruiter, you need to practice answering interview questions online. Rehearse answering common interview questions using an online meeting tool with a friend or family member acting as the interviewer. Use a professional custom Zoom background to make it seem like a real interview and give yourself some practice adjusting your background and conference setting tools. This will help you feel more comfortable with the format.

Keep It Conversational

The next way you can ace an online interview is to keep it conversational. Instead of coming up with scripted answers to each type of interview question, give yourself an outline to follow or a topic to focus on. Then, use your conversational skills to expand and explain your point of view in more detail. Try to sound as natural as possible when you speak to your interviewer so you can show off your people skills.

Research the Organization

You can also show off your knowledge and make yourself stand out if you do some background research before the interview. Take time to learn more about the organization that is recruiting you ahead of time. Learn more about the company’s practices, mission statement, and reputation.

Dress Professionally

Job candidates can also go a step further to impress the interviewer by dressing professionally. Even if your screen won’t capture your entire outfit, dress professionally for your interview. Wear a suit or another type of workwear outfit to show off your enthusiasm and attitude toward the company and job prospects. Show that you know how to use virtual background in Teams with a custom office-themed background during your interview.

Choose a Distraction-Free Space

Before starting the interview, make sure you are in a spot that has no distractions. If you are joining the virtual interview from home, move away from kids, pets, and other people in your home so you aren’t interrupted. If you have a home office, that may be a good spot to use for a virtual interview. If your household is noisy and busy, consider relocating to a cafe, bookstore, or library and checking out the Zoom backgrounds requirements for joining the virtual meeting.

Have Questions Prepared 

Finally, don’t forget to prepare your own questions about the company and your future position to ask at the end of the interview. Write down your questions on a separate note card to sit next to your computer during the meeting.

With these tips, you can ace your next virtual interview. Be sure to show off confidence, poise, and capability so you can land your next job.

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