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Top 9 Best Alternatives To The Zoom Application

Alternatives To The Zoom Application, Alternatives To Zoom, Video Conferencing software, 6. Facebook Messenger Rooms, Zoho Meeting Application

Witnessing all the havoc created by Corona Virus Epidemic, we can see that it is irrevocably shifting workforces towards a safer side. These situations have forced professionals to changes their work type and move towards remote working. To carry on with their routine activities, they are now relying on video conferencing tools, enabling them to stay connected remotely to their workplaces.  According to the latest news report, almost 80% of the officials are now using various video conferencing applications to meet their requirements. Not only confined to office work, but such tools are also required by university professors to conduct their lectures. This shows the significance of video conference tools in a situation of “Lock Down.”

However, only a few of the users are aware of the diversity of the applications and tools that available online, keeping their selection to zoom. There is nothing wrong with this application; however, why not opt for different apps that work more efficiently than the one mentioned above. Considering all the factors that are required to conduct a video conference more efficiently and smoothly, we have mentioned a list of a few of the most widely used applications. These are simple to use and can surely give you batter and more smooth experience. That being said, without wasting any further time, let us begin introducing each application along with their benefits.

1. Microsoft Teams

A much more efficient and reliable source is Microsoft Team you don’t have to put any extra effort into downloading it from any unauthorized platform. It is a built-in video conferencing tools that are available in Office 365. It is free and accessible to everyone. You just have to sign in as a free user and start your video conferencing with ease.  It can allow you at least 300 members at a time, making it an application that can be reasonably used for business meetings and lecture halls.

Moreover, you can also share files and documents of up to 10 GB, without spending any extra money to some free space. It is easily supported to any computer type, removing your hassle to make any changes to your PC before using it. It comes with a single and easy option that you can use to share all your necessary data among all the viewers.

2. Skype

Being one of the oldest and yet very efficient way of communication that is widely used more occasionally for teaching purposes. However, there is a drawback associated with this video conferencing platform. Regardless of the sound and video quality that you receive through this platform, only fifty members are allowed to join a conference call. Therefore, it is mainly used by teachers who have an audience of students within that prescribed limit.

It is also widely used by business personals and high profile users. There are other comprehensive options to make several calls using your postpaid account. It allows you to make calls to any part of the world; all you have to pay them some additional amount to conduct that action.    

3. GoToMeeting

It would be wrong to incorporate this application as the leading high-tech solution of 2020.  It is web service conferencing from LogMeIn, featured for video conferencing, allowing its users to make high-quality communications.  It is also available for windows and as well as for mobile users. Considering the entire remarkable feature it has, this application comes with some insignificant set-up charges. If you are considering incorporating 150 team members in your video chat, then you have to pay an initial amount of $14 per month or 12% on an annual basis.

Moreover, if your requirements are high and you are running a high-level corporate sector where you want to connect with more than 3000 members. In such extraordinary cases, you can also pay $ 55 to enjoy the feature. Knowing that it is not an application that is available free, but considering all the benefits that it provides it prices is worth it.

4. Join-me

Another extraordinary video-conferencing application introduced by Log-Mein team members, small businesses are widely using that. The fascinating thing about this application is that you can easily share your screen.  It allows meeting members to share data, documents or any other transferable files. You can share data up to the size of 1 Tera-byte. The Lite version of this video conferencing tool is available for $10 per month. The pro version is available at a rate of 20 dollars per month. Both the variants come with the same features the only difference comes with the numbers of members that are allowed at a time.

5. Google Meet

One of the most excellent video-conferencing applications that one could consider using instead of zoom is Google Meet. The fascinating thing about the app is that it is free to install, available for all platforms, and you can connect almost 250 members at a time; without causing network or video quality issues. Not many of us are aware of this application as it was only available for G-suit customers. But in the times of pandemic, Google made it possible for all the users, making it the easiest and affordable application. 

To use some extra features of the app, you have to pay some additional charges. However, the application itself has many built-in features and options that most of the platform even does not require any. Moreover, you can also send meeting links to other businesses outside your network loop; an option that is hardly present in any of the free apps as mentioned above. Matters not if you are a teacher or willing to conduct a meeting with your employees, this application can quickly meet all your requirements. 

6. Facebook Messenger Rooms

Not many of us are aware of the benefits of the most common social media platforms. Facebook, being one of the most widely used platforms, has some of the most remarkable features that make it one of the most beautiful video conferencing platforms.   Facebook has started providing various chat rooms and conference sessions through which you can efficiently conduct your meeting and lectures. You can connect more than 50 members at a time, making it highly feasible for small classrooms and even for university lectures. You can also connect with peoples not having Facebook accounts. You just have to send them external links through which they can easily connect to the leading platform.

There are vastly augmented filters that can also be used as per the need of the user. You can change the brightness or the darkness of the rooms as per the requirement. It is highly feasible, easy to use, and lastly, of course, free to use. Just as it allows adding users from many corners of the world, it also comes with a feature through which you can deliberately remove any connected user from the platform.

7. Cisco Web-ex

Cisco Web-ex is a different public conferencing stage. The free variant has a meaningful amount to contribute, with up to 100 members for an infinite number of terms. It also highlights HD video, screen-sharing, and reporting choices. The paid methods include the Starter at $13.50/host through the month with 50 members. The Company at $26.95/month and five-license least for up to 200 members; the Business plan is additionally an opportunity, with pricing possible upon application. The initial two choices allow for extra cloud storage and management traits, but the Business Plan and up has exceptional sign-on and assistance for Microsoft Exchange.

A more modest, cloud-based video tool service, Blue Jeans offers more high-quality video streaming for businesses running as smaller units.  There are various packages available as per the need of the user. You can consider paying $19.98/month to add more than 50 members to your chat rooms. Moreover, to add users more than 50, you will have to pay an amount of $23.99/month per host.

8. Ring Central video tool

RingCentral is a different application that is not as well known; however, it offers the same features as of zoom. It is an impressive and handy free version of the video conferencing tool that available to you at zero cost. You can add up to 100 members to a single chat room, with a meeting time of more than 50 minutes in total. If you want to raise your reach to members more than the allowed then you may have to pay some couple of extra charges. $14.99/month per user, which lets you enjoy the perk of having more than 150 users at a time.

You can also make unlimited calls and by using the premium version of the application. 34.99/month if you are willing to incorporate an additional feature to enhance your experience. Other than calls, it also allows you to make business and professional communications using text messages along with unlimited video conferencing hours.

9. Zoho Meeting Application 

Zoho Meetings highlights abilities for webinars, education, and online connections. The stage allows for video, audio, and options to share your screen, entirely as telephone audio, documentation, etc. begin at $10/host per month for 100 participants and ten recordings. For a beginner, plans commence at $19/month, and 25 members can join at a time. For 250 members you will have to pay $79 per month and 25 recordings.


After reviewing all the video conferencing tools s mentioned above, you must be thinking that why to opt for those with the paid version. You need to understand that most of the free versions are not handy enough. The paid version comes with advanced facilities that some of the users find too convenient. The list mentioned above has a lot of options for you to select yours. You can still go for the free versions if your requirements are being fulfilled effectively. Otherwise, other optioned may seem like to bit expensive; however, will provide you with enough support for your video conferencing activity. 


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