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Top 7 Tried and Tested Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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A real estate business does not run by itself. It’s no surprise considering the competition and proficiency in the market. All real estate marketing companies are engaged to generate leads into paying clients to help people buy/sell homes. Isn’t it necessary to market your real estate business? Yes, that department needs your utmost focus. 

Real estate marketing isn’t a new thing. That’s why brand promotion has gone to a whole another level. Now, real estate digital marketing has taken over many other techniques. So, take the first steps to lure the client towards you. But first, learn the points in favor of why digital marketing has been so effective in the recent past.

How did digital marketing swoop in?

As internet penetration in this world boosts day by day, your website is the storefront of your business. Not only that, with smartphones in everyone’s pocket, the website has to be mobile-friendly to lure organic traffic. Even the individual communities require their local website made according to them. So, if you can’t physically reach everywhere, you can certainly spread your legs digitally.

So, as per the priority, let’s first discuss some digital marketing ideas and then jump onto the conventional techniques.

Digital Marketing Ideas

Mobile-friendly Website

More than 80% of the customers use social media and generally search on their smartphones. So, you cannot afford a website that’s not highly functional on a smartphone. Highly functional means awarding misclicks, having an adequately large font to be readable, and so on. Some other features of a mobile-friendly website are as follows.

  1. Mobile payments
  2. Document reviewing through mobile phones
  3. Chatting
  4. Smartphone applications and tools

Engage in SEO Web Designing

Your website is the headquarters of your real estate business. It is the place where every digital marketing technique leads the client. This is where they explore all your potential and specialties. They dispel their myths on your website by hearing from clients. They get advice from the already set customer base and learn to trust you.

All this without even communicating with you directly. So, you cannot just avoid the SEO web designing process right in the beginning.

Showcase IDX doesn’t build beautiful websites, they power them. Showcase IDX real estate agent websites features give you the flexibility and tools to build unique and beautiful real estate websites.

Winning Content

They say Content is King. It’s totally spot-on considering people love to read a good story. However, here, it doesn’t work like that. The story you build around your business has to be relevant and slathered with opportunities for your content to be called engaging. First of all, there’s the visual appeal that is cared for by the web designing team. Then comes appealing photographs, and video content along with some readable text. Preferably, have a professional photographer for real estate and a web designer. Creating unique real estate social media content can be a timely and costly exercise, especially if you’re just getting started. It’s highly recommended to use tools such as to automate content creation and distribution.

Online Activeness and Being Present

Having a website and social media page is one thing. Updating it regularly and being there for your potential customers is another. The same is the case with every other marketing technique that you implement. Notably, online marketing can access information with just a single click. Being present also includes responding to emails, reviews, and comments on your pages promptly. If staying active online every day to manage your reputation is too much work for your team, it might be best to hire an expert. However, it should be noted that when hiring a digital marketing agency for reputation management services it’s always best to hire someone who has years of experience in your business niche. For example, if you own a transmission shop it would probably be in your best interest to hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in automotive reputation management.

Direct Email Marketing

Having a mailing list with regular response rates is another winning idea for digital marketing. You can send online postcards and record the response of your potential clients. It’s about tapping every opportunity in that field.

Conventional Marketing Ideas

There’s no denying that you need a combination of print and digital media to get the best of both worlds. This is how a real estate branding agency works. So, here are a few conventional marketing tips every real estate business needs to engage in.

Host Community Events

While digital marketing techniques cover you from the macro level, start with the bottom by hosting some community events to embrace their engagement. You can hire agents in every community to implement this paperless technique to reduce people’s identity theft.

Provide Complimentary Services for Moving (if possible)

We have seen many real estate businesses changing the game over with a complimentary moving truck. It’s like a moving billboard that gets your business all the attention. Use strategic locations to park the truck. These trucks can also be used for hosting the events mentioned above.

Bring Your Charitable Side to the Table

The Societal Marketing concept is basically for the psychological part. It’s about getting attention, and here is a charity we do to get exactly that. Bring the social change giving marketing for real estate agents a new twist in the eyes of potential clients. Also, the same can be highlighted on your website.

The Bottom Line

So, basically, the convention ideas work on a micro-level. And then comes the digital platform which has immense potential (of course if you want to explore it).

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