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Top 5 Useful Alternatives to Video Games

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A few years ago, playing video games was considered childish entertainment, but now, the times have changed. In today’s world, video games are one of the most popular kinds of entertainment for both children and adults. And this is not surprising because computer games are interesting, realistic, energizing, and adrenaline rush.

But besides video games, there are also a lot of exciting and, most importantly, useful activities, for example, playing at the skrill casino, reading books, doing fitness, etc. In this review, you will learn what to do instead of gaming to kill boredom or learn something new for yourself.

#1 – Reading Books

In the modern world, which is constantly developing and progressing, many people forget about the benefits of reading books. Some even think that reading is just a waste of time and a generally useless hobby. The term “hobby” itself means an occupation that you like and contributes to the development of you as a person. So, reading can be safely attributed to a number of hobbies that are among the best alternatives to video games.

Reading books is useful since it allows you to increase your vocabulary and get food for thought, which will subsequently contribute to the development of thinking and imagination. Scientists have proven the benefits of reading since it is reading that reduces stress levels and helps a person relax.

Reading is good for both children and adults. When you are young and do not know much, you can learn and emphasize a lot of new things from books. And when you are already working and tired of everything and everyone, then you can relax and put in order not only your thoughts while reading books. Reading books will never be a thing of the past. On the contrary, thanks to technological progress, there are now even more opportunities for reading. Audiobooks and ebooks allow you to read, listen to them anywhere: on the train, on the plane, on a walk, anywhere.

#2 – Sports Activities

Video games are a sedentary activity that can be bad for your health in the long run. Therefore, one of the best alternatives to video games is playing sports. It is worth noting that sport is a healthy lifestyle, and the main idea of ​​this lifestyle is to make it enjoyable for you. On every corner, you can hear the same advice: if you want to train yourself to do sports, then start with running.

But not everyone loves to run, and you don’t have to run to be active and exercise. In addition to running, there are many other types of sports, such as fitness, pilates, yoga, cross-fit, etc. Someone likes dancing, while others cannot imagine their life without a barbell. It is important to be active, move and find what you like. During a break between games, you can walk around the area, swing your abs, go to the horizontal bars. This will help you not gain weight and warm up your joints, which is beneficial.

If you want or need to stay indoors, the Foosball table is one of the most relaxing table games that will keep you moving and is enjoyed by people of all ages, whether they are children, teenagers, or adults. Regardless, purchasing a foosball table is a significant investment.

#3 – Board Games

Board games are always fun and exciting; everyone knows that. Did you know that this is also the magic key to keeping the mind active and healthy? Different people with different needs and abilities gather at the same table with one goal – to have fun. But, in fact, the process of playing has a beneficial effect on health in various aspects and at any age. It is especially useful to play board games for the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex – these two brain areas are responsible for memory and thinking. In old age, board games help the brain maintain its mental capacity and keep it in top condition. In addition, board games with friends are a great way to relax.

With the holidays coming up, check out these Christmas Board Games and have some fun.

#4 – Casino Card Games

Playing casino games like poker or blackjack is another great thing to do when you don’t know what to do instead of video games. The game implies a deep analysis of actions, collection, and generalization of information, advance planning of moves, and careful thinking over a strategy. The ability to play casino games will allow you to raise many intellectual abilities to the level you want. In terms of practice, you can easily find dozens of reliable online casinos with hundreds of games, including poker, blackjack, etc. If we talk about the benefits of poker and other casino card games, then by playing you will learn:

  • Think several moves ahead, consider several possible alternatives, development options;
  • Keep in mind the result of any actions that you are going to perform;
  • Make decisions quickly and confidently based on incomplete information;
  • Control emotions and facial expressions;
  • Count in your mind;
  • Analyze information;
  • Reason logically.

#5 – Playing Musical Instruments

Why does music make the brain flare up? This is a fairly new area of ​​research, but scientists have a pretty good hypothesis. Playing a musical instrument involves almost all areas of the brain at the same time, especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortex. Just as regular exercise strengthens the body, constant music activity strengthens brain function. This activity is very similar to pressing buttons while playing computer games. 

It is also worth adding that the difference between listening and playing music is the use of fine motor skills that are subservient to both hemispheres of the brain. The music combines the linguistic and mathematical precision of the left hemisphere with the innovative and creative impulses of the right hemisphere. That is why playing a musical instrument increases the activity of the corpus callosum, which acts as a kind of bridge between the hemispheres and allows brain signals to travel faster and along more branching paths.

This activity can help you solve academic and social problems more effectively and creatively. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to video games, then it’s time to learn how to play the guitar or piano, YouTube tutorials will help you with this.

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