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Top 5 Things You Will Learn In North Carolina Boater Safety Course

Boater Safety

North Carolina has more than 5000 miles of water for boating and fishing. This is why it is one of America’s most popular boating spots. However, you need to acquire a license and safety course to sail in these waters. According to North Carolina laws, anyone born on or after January 1988 needs to take a boater safety course, making you eligible for a boating license. Visit to learn more about online interactive boater safety courses. If you need to know more about the North Carolina boater safety course, the following is for you. 

1. On-Water Training

You might be an expert sailor, but that doesn’t mean you are an expert in navigating your boat through North Carolina waters. Nearly all the boater safety courses offer on-water training that teaches you about different scenarios and how to troubleshoot the problem successfully. Of course, there is also theoretical knowledge, but the impact of a practical one is undeniable. The training covers all the aspects required for safe-boating that eventually lead to a boater’s license in North Carolina. 

2. State Laws

Every state has its boating laws, and North Carolina is no different. The local laws are the first thing you learn in a boating course in North Carolina. From owning a boat to operating it, there are detailed laws that you need to follow to avoid punishment and fines strictly. Moreover, the course teaches about different vessels and the documents required to register them in North Carolina. There are different documents and paperwork required for each type of boat. In short, you learn about all the legalities and laws that are important for boating in North Carolina lakes and beaches.

3. Wildlife Preservation

North Carolina is strictly against introducing new fish and plants in its aquatic ecosystem. The offense carries heavy punishments and fines because it can eliminate the local aquatic flora and fauna. These courses are instrumental in teaching boaters about the local wildlife and how to preserve it. You are given detailed instructions on making North Carolina waters safe from invading species. 

4. Safety Procedures

Almost 70% of the boating-related incidents in the USA involve operators who have not taken boater safety courses. A boater safety course is not only designed to protect your and local aquatic life but also includes lessons on the safety of fellow passengers. You learn about safety jackets, onboard fires, and other emergencies that might occur during boating. Similarly, the course also focuses on child safety and the actions required to prevent a major catastrophe. 

5. Boat Maintenance

Besides teaching about safety and legal protocols, the course focuses on boat maintenance. Boats are susceptible to damages and rusting; you need proper education to overcome such issues. A boater’s safety course teaches about maintaining a boat to make it safer for prolonged journeys.

Boating is one of the most relaxing and fun activities. However, the same can become stressful if you have not completed a boater’s safety course. So don’t take a chance and complete yours before boating in North Carolina.

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