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Top 5 Smart Technologies That Transform the Way We Live

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Over the years, technology has expanded exponentially, making our lives easier. From the first computer up to modern smartphones, the new technology has changed our lives greatly.

Cutting-edge smart technology is used all over the world to deliver innovative solutions. Intelligent devices are enhancing convenience and cost savings while improving autonomy. 

Today, we even have smart technology on our phones. Other than calling and texting, you can access the internet to play slots. You can experience fantastic gameplay at the tip of your fingers as you take advantage of bonuses like best bookmakers in UK, or free spins—an excellent way to earn money online.

We’re living in the era of 5G, AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, wearable screens, self-driving cars, and much more, all of which are smart technology advantages.

1. Smart City

If you thought smart technology is only in limited spaces like homes and offices, you have probably not heard of smart cities. 

A smart city combines the power of ICT and IoT to optimize the delivery of services to citizens. 

In short, this highly sophisticated network of smart technology online systems is a true definition of innovative capability. Colombia-Ohio and New York are trying out the large-scale smart technology definition of smart cities.

2. Smartphones

Smartphones run features that incorporate more functionality into one device. And with the advent of AI, smartphones continue to prove how far innovative technology is willing to go. Voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri are transforming how we use our phones.

The mobile revolution has changed how we live. These gadgets have become essential to our professional and personal interactions.

3. Smart Homes

The use of smart technology at home took precedence in the early 2000s. Before this, home automation platforms were more of ideas rather than physical structures like we see today.

It has become somewhat of a trend to have a smart home. They can control the lights, set the temperature, play music in the house, and lock doors. You have peace of mind whenever you’re away from home.

4. Smart Home Appliances

If you walk into a modern home today, you will likely see one or two smart appliances. Our kitchens often carry the bulk of these technologies. Some smart technology examples found in the home include TVs and environmental controls like bulbs, thermostats, and air conditioners.

These devices are advocates of sustainability and eco-conservation. They are amenities that allow remote control or automation.

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5. Self-Driving Vehicles

A few years ago, the thought of driverless cars and trucks may have sounded far-fetched. But it is the reality we live in now. These vehicles use tools and features like ultrasonic sensors, cameras, and radar to help with navigation.

Indeed, a feat in science. Autonomous cars champion safety and comfort. Self-driving trucks are a great way of minimizing fatigue and discomfort associated with long-distance traveling.

The Bottom Line

Although it seems like a futuristic dream, smart technology is available and more affordable, although it seems we are still in the formative years. We can, therefore, anticipate more advancements and gadgets coming our way. 

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About the Author: Jeffrey Bishop is a computer programmer with a deep-set passion for technology. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and loves everything tech-related. In his free time, he loves to write.

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