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Top 5 Online Learning Platforms to Hone New Skills 

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With the pandemic happening right now, you’re maybe stuck at home, wondering what you should do with all your free time. This is the perfect time to learn and hone skills that could help you. Online courses are not new to the market. It’s been going on for a long time; that is why there are a lot of online learning platforms you could choose from on the internet. We’ve searched the internet, and with this article, you could read more about the platform that is being used by many hoping to hone their skills.   


Skillshare is an online learning platform offering thousands of creative courses. If you want to hone your creative skills such as writing, web development, and many more, Skillshare is the perfect platform for you. They also offer courses on business, technology, and lifestyle.  

Skillshare helps their students (this could be you!) find classes that are designed for real life. Their classes are taught by real creators. You could access and learn from any device. You could use your desktop or laptop to browse through their website, or you could use your mobile phone. They have an application available at Playstore and App Store.  

With a membership plan, you could access 22,000+ premium courses. If you’re signing up for free, you could still access Skillshare’s classes’ three major moving parts: video lesson, a project, and community discussion.  

According to Skillshare, they aim to inspire their members, learn new skills, and make discoveries. 

LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lyda, is another excellent online learning platform. They are tailored to business professionals. They offer over 1,000 business courses on topics such as digital marketing, web development, and many more. What we like about LinkedIn learning is that they offer certificates that you could add to your LinkedIn profile. 

They offer video courses, and you can use their website to access a lot of courses & languages. Just like Skillshare, you can access LinkedIn Learning from any mobile device and with your PC or laptop.  


Udemy is one of the best online course platforms. They have millions of students, thousands of instructors, and unbelievable thousands of courses. Udemy offers courses on business, design, photography, development, marketing, IT & software, and personal development.  

They offer a lot of online courses that are available for free, or you could buy an online course focused on the skill you want to build. They publish additional courses, so make sure to check it every month.  

Udemy can be accessed from any mobile phone and PC. 


With all the free time we have right now, why not try to learn a new language? DuoLingo offers 15 languages that you could learn in a fun, bite-sized way. You could choose from learning Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Russian to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and many more!  

DuoLingo is a fun and secure platform to hone your communication skills! You never know, maybe after this pandemic, you’ll find an opportunity to work in a different country.  

You could personalize your lessons, receive immediate grading, you could also earn points as you progress through the lessons, and most importantly, you can learn quickly.  

You can download Duolingo on your mobile phones through App Store or Play Store, or you could visit their website.  


With Curious, you could learn something new every day! Curious offers 20,000 lessons, be it practical or academic. Once you access their site, they will ask you how many minutes you could commit to learning every day. They will also ask questions to determine the things you are curious about. This will help them offer you new courses every day that piques your interest.  

They offer courses on topics such as Humanities, STEM, work, mind/body, music, aesthetics, relationships, and play. The lessons are accessible on any device.  

Please make the most of your free time and dedicate it to learning and honing new skills. The internet offers a lot of online learning platforms, so make sure to check them out. This is a fun way to pass the time, and of course, you are going to benefit from it. You could use the skills you’ve honed during this pandemic once you start going back to school or to work.  

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