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Top 5 Methods To Improve Conversion Rates For eCommerce Stores

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eCommerce conversions tend to be the most complex conversions when measuring them. This is because one type of eCommerce conversion only consists of a small part of the entire set. For example, an overall conversion rate of 5% is excellent, but total revenues may be low if most of the products purchased are of little value.

The value of the average order is a metric that, therefore, is widely used and serves to offer valuable insights about the health of the business and its performance and allows us to know if the value of most purchases is high or not. For this reason, the conversion rate alone can be data that offers false results.

Another quite popular metric is the rate of addition to the cart, although it must be borne in mind that many users may be adding products to the cart to know the final price, and a large number of them will abandon the purchase process.

The rate of addition to the cart is an interesting metric, but you have to take into account the following actions to know what percentage the purchase ends and why the rest does not. If we have a high cart abandonment rate, we may have an error on our page. The rate of addition to the cart can also be used to measure those products that are added and then removed from the cart, which may suggest that the product is of little value or lower quality compared to another.

Design Is Vital: Dress Your Website As For A First Date 

That’s what it’s about, love at first sight. There is never a second chance to create a first impression. Your website can have great content, but if it does not have the right image, it will not be able to turn visitors into buyers. As in life itself. Your online store must be visually attractive, communicate professionalism, have a clean design, and inspire confidence.

Avoid poor quality images at all costs. Your online store is your shop window; you should give hype and sauce to your products, so try to provide the maximum quality to the product photographs. The eCommerce marketing agency will help you to design your website and maintain it.

Take Advantage Of The User-generated Content (UGC)

One of your handicaps is that your customers cannot touch or taste the product you are selling. At the same time, 60 million photos are shared daily on Instagram, and hundreds of people are posting about your product on the networks. The eCommerce marketing agency will take care of it.

Your Phone Number On All Pages

Make your buyers trust you and feel they can call you at any time for any questions. Make it visible and show your phone number in the upper right of your website.

Make Your Benefits Visible To Your Buyers

Do your buyers have free shipping? 44% of buyers leave the purchase process because of the shipping costs. If you have advantages for your buyers, do not forget to brag about them on your homepage and shout at the four winds that your customers enjoy these benefits.

Without Measure, There Is No Control

Please do not fall into the error of publishing an offer and leave it forgotten. Set specific dates and analyze the results of your online promotion. Make variable promotions and try until you find the one that has worked the most, and whatever the development, do not forget to give prominence in your Home Page with a color or design that is attractive to the eye of the buyer. The eCommerce marketing agency takes care of all the static data and does the needful to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce sites.

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