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Workplace Safety: Top 5 Forklift Safety Accessories

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Staying safe at work is important to everyone. If you drive a heavy machine like a forklift, it’s even more essential, because your risk is higher. Not only can you get injured if something goes wrong with the machine, but you can also injure others if you aren’t careful.

Unfortunately, there are dozens of employee deaths due to forklifts or powered machines every year, and hundreds of injuries. Don’t be a statistic!

There are a lot of accessories that can make working on a forklift much safer. Here are five you need to use every day. You can find more information at telehandlers for sale qld.

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Blue LED Safety Light

Being seen helps avoid accidents, but letting folks know you’re coming in advance is even better. With a blue LED safety light, you can create a blue spot on the floor 3 or more meters ahead of your lift. This lets any pedestrians or other lifts in the area know that you are on your way. You can have one on the front or back of your lift. This unique light should be used on every shift!

Forklift Headlights

Moving pallets around a warehouse or loading tractor-trailers require precision and efficiency. You don’t have either if you can’t see clearly where you’re putting your load. With LED headlights, you can clearly see even in dark or small areas as you work. They work just as well on forklift rear post of Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. reach lifts as they do on sitting machines.  This can help avoid collisions while also making your job easier. Anything that helps you load more effectively is a win!

Fork Tilt Indicators

One of the scariest things that can happen to a forklift operator is to have the forklift tip over. Unfortunately, you don’t realize it’s happening until it’s too late. With a fork tilt indicator, you are alerted in advance when something begins to go wrong. Flashing lights let you know when your forks are uneven, allowing you to make corrections before a serious incident happens. GenieGrips® forklift safety products are high-quality, long-lasting forklift safety devices that maintain safety and steady load movement.

Cab Covers

No matter where you’re working, it pays to have protection from things above you. If you’re outdoors, rain and sun can be a concern even if everything is perfectly safe. No matter where you are, having protection from dust or falling debris is an important safety measure. Cab covers provide a clear view while having a domed shape designed to divert water, dust, and light debris.

A Horn

We’ll save the simplest piece of safety equipment for last. A horn! You need a way to warn people when you’re coming, let folks know if something is wrong, and more. Many forklift models make it simple to install horns on an assist grip, or you can have one installed independently. It should be within easy reach of the driver when they’re operating the vehicle. Be sure you test it before each shift as well.

How is Your Forklift Safety?

Staying safe in a warehouse or other industrial environment may seem like no big deal – until something happens. No one should be injured, disabled, or lose their life because their forklift was unsafe. With these five forklift safety accessories, you’ll be positioned to do your job efficiently and securely.

Get your accessories today!

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