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Top 5 Fashionable Safety Glasses to Wear in 2020

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It’s no secret that eyeglasses & fashion go hand-in-hand. Modern eyewear standards have allowed protective eyewear to evolve into having a certain level of visual appeal. Sunglasses nowadays are becoming more robust & rigorous in offering safety assurance while ensuring that you look good for the fashion police too! In the same regard, this article is for people who are both fashion-forward & eye protection conscious when it comes to wearing glasses. Glasses Canada has you covered.

5 Best Safety Glasses to Wear This Year

Wiley X Saint

Bradley Cooper wore these in the famous “American Sniper”. So if you’re thinking of safety eyeglasses that are endorsed by celebrities, this one would be it. Wiley X Saint is ideal for people who are always on the go. The frame comes in a sumptuous wraparound style that equips you with a sporty appearance that will easily turn heads around wherever you go. On top of being super good-looking, these are ballistic rated thus offering shatterproof protection against projectiles & sharp airborne objects.


  • ANSI-rated prescription sports glasses.
  • Wiley X’s signature Filter 8™ Polarization technology.
  • Ballistic rated.


  • Only for medium/large head sizes.
  • Not suitable for indoors.

Wiley X Epic

If you’re on the lookout for glasses that offer a perfect mix of sophistication & glamour, Wiley X epic would be it. It’s time that you chuck away your old prescription glasses because these provide you with a greater level of protection. You can wear them as your everyday eyewear along with your chosen outfit at work. On the whole, Wiley X Epic would become anyone’s favorite due to its palpable versatility & style.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Available in eye-catching colors.
  • Tested for high impact resistance
  • Side shields


  • Not available in kid’s sizes
  • Light transmission for indoors only

3M BX Readers

These protective eyeglasses would prove to be excellent for people suffering from astigmatism or presbyopia. These are quite suitable for professionals who are employed in jobs that require a lot of on-the-job reading. For instance, carpenters, miners, welders, etc. are ideal candidates to wear these. Overall, bifocals are a great way to rid yourself of the hassle of having to carry two glasses just to see clearly.


  • One-size-fits-all eyewear.
  • Adjustable temples.
  • Anti-fog coated.
  • Adjustable LED flashlight.


  • The LED light is battery hungry.
  • Bifocals can be hard to adapt to.

Wiley X Titan

Wiley X Titan comes in the Active Lifestyle series with an additional seal that acts as a guard against any instances of dust, fine particles or sweat from entering into your eyes. Moreover, it can be detached for cleaning or rinsing out any debris when needed. It also helps provide a snug fit that keeps your glasses perched on your nose for a nonslip grip. People who are more into sports & other outdoor activities would find these sunglasses as ideally suited to their purpose.


  • Foam Gasket
  • Wraparound shape
  • Additional lens coatings
  • Polarized lenses.


  • Too bulky to wear
  • Only for large head sizes

Wiley X Guard Advanced

It comes with a cutting edge design with nicely curved temple tips. Wiley X Guard Advanced is a true piece of art. It is almost weightless, offering the same level of shatterproof safety as other top Wiley X sunglasses. The unisex shape makes it perfectly wearable for both men & women. No matter how harsh the prevailing conditions are, you can always count on these glasses to keep your eyes intact without compromising on visual aesthetics.


  • Very Lightweight
  • Comes with a detachable strap.
  • Lens options: Rust, Clear & Smoke Grey.


  • No Brow Guard

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