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Top 5 Android Apps in 2019

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When it comes to Android there are a lot more apps available in the market. In that, here are some of the apps that stand out amongst all and meet the user’s expectations as well. In this article, all the apps that are considered best in the market have been mentioned. Look below to know all:

1. Vidmate

You all heard about vidmate app in recent time using this application the user is able to easily download any numbers of media files. The notable feature is that you are allowed to take videos, movies and other content free of cost. You do not want to spend much time and money as well to transfer your media content. Any content you set will easily get it on your device. All you want to do is just click and choose the file and it will automatically download.

2. Spark Email

Everyone uses the default email application that is in-built on the device. In case you like to change that with some other outstanding app then make use of Spark Email. This app is the most excellent Android app since it supports several gestures. It is also obtainable with so many numbers of features as well such as snoozing notifications, smart inbox, scheduling and many more.

3. Scribbl

Everyone likes to edit the pictures they have taken. For those alone Scribbl photo editor, an Android app is accessible. Using this application you can enable it to edit your images in various ways. You can make your picture even from selecting your photo gallery in the way you want. The more you include edits the more your image looks awesome. This app is free and with the help of the monthly subscription, you can unlock some other customization options as well. Really it is a stupendous app that will help you to edit your pick.

4. Skit

Skit is the topmost Android app that helps users who want to change the half-baked default, app manager. By means of this fantastic app, you are able to see and customize your installed apps. This app allows you to extract as well as share any sort of app to your friends. In this, you will be offered two tabs that are User and System. The User tab consists of so many numbers of user installed apps and the System has all the system apps available by default.

5. TickTick

TickTick is an Android app that will let users share tasks with others. With the help of this application, you can do recurring tasks, get reminders, and many more. It will also support the calendar file in order to schedule the task accordingly. It also has other useful features. This app will make you do any of the tasks whether it is professional or personal. Make use of this app.

These are the topmost Android apps that help users to perform so many activities with no hurdles.

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