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Top 3 Recommended Online Casino Games For Gambling Novices

roulette wheel and chips

If you’re a novice just about to enter the world of South African casinos, then you might be feeling a little intimidated and unsure where to start. Some online casinos aren’t the most user-friendly and can make it increasingly challenging to direct newcomers towards a simple way to start playing – and that’s before we even consider the games! 

In many online casino games, luck plays a significant part; however, some games are considered more beginner-friendly than others. It can be a lot to take in for an individual that isn’t used to the online casino environment, so we’ve created this article outlining some of the top recommended games for gambling novices – continue reading to discover what they are. 


Another online casino game that is perfect for gambling novices is slots. Despite what veteran gamblers may tell beginners, there is no skill required in playing slot machine games. All you need to do is press the spin button, wait to see if you get the correct alignment, and try again or stop if you don’t – which makes the game perfect for those getting used to what online casinos offer. 

Some online casinos even offer free slot machine games or a select number of spins for free, which enable beginners to get the hang of the game without staking money, unlike traditional casinos. Reputable online casinos such as Jackpot Casino offer a range of different slot games for amateur and veteran gamblers alike. Visit jackpot.co.za to view their entire content of online games, discover their promotions and start increasing your slot machine knowledge today. 


Much like the ever-present gaming table card games, most online casinos offer various dice games that are simplistic and easy for beginners to follow. The most basic variants of dice games require players to bet on the roll of a pair of dice and providing that you guess the correct result, you will earn winnings. 

On the other hand, these dice games are usually only offered by a selection of online casinos due to how basic the gameplay is, which doesn’t make the game very attractive to consumers. However, providing that you find an online casino that offers dice games, they are a fantastic way to dip your feet into the gambling world and get acclimatized to online betting. Once you get used to betting dynamics, you can move on to more complex games. 


A game of pure chance, Roulette is also a recommended online casino game for gambling novices. Since some of the more advanced tactics that apply to a physical roulette wheel do not apply to the game’s online versions, the game becomes even more straightforward to follow.

Roulette gameplay is simple; the dealer will release a ball into the wheel, which will land in one of the thirty-seven segments. Before the dealer releases the ball, all players will bet on which segment the ball will land in, the color of the segment and if the number will be odd or even. If you guess correctly, you will then earn winnings based on how many predictions you got right. 

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