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Top 3 Hi-Tech Devices You Should Have In Your Home

Top 3 Hi-Tech Devices You Should Have In Your Home, smart home automation, smart home, energy bills, smart thermostat

Do you wish your home was more efficient and easy to manage? This could include anything from lessening the cleaning load or finding ways to reduce your energy bills – whatever it is, smart technology could be just what you need. Smart home automation has become a massive trend, with more companies creating new technology models that are designed to make home life an easy-going and safe experience. To make this a reality, you should consider investing in the following smart devices for your home which will benefit you in several ways.

Smart Lighting

Are you guilty of leaving the lights on in your home? You’re not alone, as statistics show that approximately 21 percent of UK residents admit to leaving the lights on when heading to work. This may not seem like a lot but it is actually the equivalent to the level of carbon emissions released after 45 flights around the world. These numbers can be lowered if everybody implemented smart lighting in their home. This type of technology can be operated via a smartphone, so you can easily switch off the lights when you’re sitting at your work desk.

Property companies like RW Invest are fully embracing the eco-friendly outlook by offering luxury apartments with automated lighting systems. This type of lighting is controlled by sensors, so they only switch on when motion is detected and will switch off after a short period of time. This not only allows tenants to experience a more sustainable way of living but will also enable them to make massive savings on their energy bills.

Hi-Tech Heating

Another massive contributor to greenhouse gases is the excessive use of heating. Many homeowners are guilty of overusing their heating (even in the summer), which results in them facing high energy bills. To reduce the amount of energy you use, you should invest in a smart thermostat, such as the Amazon-owned Nest which allows users to moderate the temperature of their home from a smartphone using the Alexa technology.

This type of smart home automation is not only great for helping you save on your energy bills and enabling you to live a green lifestyle, but it also offers complete convenience. Say, for example, you’re on holiday in the winter and want to come back to a warm home, you can simply switch on your heating the day before. This way you can make savings as well as heating your home just in time for your arrival.

Advanced Security Systems

We all want to live in a place where we feel safe and guarded against any external threats. While choosing the right neighborhood may seem like enough, having the right security system in your home will offer you even more reassurance. You should consider choosing a smart security system which will ensure that your family and your possessions are protected in the event of an intrusion.

There are plenty of smart security options you could choose from, for example, if you tend to forget to lock your front door and end up being late for work, you should consider investing in a smart lock. Depending on the device you purchase, you will be able to connect your smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth in order to lock your doors even when you’re out of the house. This will offer you peace of mind that your home is safe and all entrances are secure. 

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