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Top 3 Apps to Create Perfect Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have long been an important tool for interacting with subscribers and promoting an account. The developers themselves are actively trying to diversify the possibilities of the built-in editor. So, now you can play with fonts a bit, add cute gifs, and much more. All this lets you tell your followers about how horse race betting works or what Netflix movies have just been released in just 15 seconds. But not everyone has enough features, and you can find many alternative programs to work with stories in app stores. Let’s take a look at the most popular apps in this category.


Despite the fact that the collection of fonts in the social network has greatly enriched, many users still lack the opportunity to experiment with forms and try something new. That’s why fans of story design have turned their attention to the Over app. What does the app offer us? First of all, a great opportunity to twist, twirl the text. If you have seen someone’s stories with text in a circle, it is likely that the person did the story in this app.

You can also find a lot of templates here. Sometimes you can come across really cool examples. The developers of this app decided to try to please everyone at once – here we have something nice and calm, and close in spirit to retro aesthetics, and something more fashionable and daring. The creators didn’t skimp on the ability to add different stickers and filters.


This program is very popular with the Story makers. And for good reason. It allows you to make high-quality animations in a couple of seconds. The app is more suitable for those who work directly with business accounts, but ordinary users will find a couple of interesting templates there as well. The application particularly stands out against others of its kind because of its minimalism. All templates are made in a strict but fashionable style. They seem to shout to subscribers: fewer words – more action, follow the link.

You can find a small collection of free templates in Mojo, but if you want a really cool result, you should consider a paid subscription.


Let’s move away from templates and look at more creative editing programs. Vochi lets you apply various effects to your videos and photos. And the number of features is large: from fashionable glitches to more advanced animation. It also works very simply – just select a photo, and in the effects, panel to pick up the appropriate. Often the program automatically identifies the person or object in the picture well, but there are difficulties. In any case, you can always correct the selection with the eraser or brush.

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