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Top 2019 UI and UX Design Trends

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UI and UX Design Trends

Every New Year comes with new ideas and trends. It is very important to analyze our existing strategy and goals to make sure they are in line with the latest trends. As we all know a website or mobile application is a crucial part of a successful business and they are actually the doors through which a company can interact with their targeted customers. This makes it necessary to keep them updated with the latest trends and ideas.

UI and UX design trends never remain constant; they come and go every single year. 2019 has its own trends for UI and UX designing. So let’s have a look at the latest trends which must be followed by the designers when designing a website or mobile application.


Animation is going to be one of the trends of 2019. Animation is a really interesting part of the website and is also very helpful in engaging customers. However, it was considered dull and boring the previous year and was out of trend. But 2019 is going to bring the animation back to the website and apps. With the advancement in technology, web browsers are becoming capable of running amazing animations. One can use motion animation to increase users attention to a specific area or to tell a story. They can also be used to entertain the audience and to make them attracted towards the website.

Bold and Colorful

Use of vibrant colors full of energy and bold fonts are going to continue in 2019. Bold, vibrant colors like the shades of neon or yellow create a kind of positivity which can be felt by the users. Bold fonts, on the other hand, attract users and direct their focus to that particular thing. Thus, when designing a new website, you must keep in mind that boldly looks perfect with a high saturation theme.

Use of Gradient

Using gradient colors is another extremely popular UI and UX design trends for 2019. Gradients are generally used for backgrounds, or they are used over images to gives a dual tone color scheme to images. Multicolor gradients of different colors from yellow to green, purple, blue and orange are also very popular and this will continue as a trend of 2019.

Less Flat Design

The flat design concept is in use from the past few years. It is a really effective trend as it allows users to focus on the usability of the website than anything else. The flat design concept will undoubtedly continue in 2019; however, to make this concept even better designers are combining 3D and animation with a flat design to make the website look even better. Combining these three things together maximizes usability and at the same time creates a sense of actual interaction with the elements present on the website.

Round Edges

Currently, all the modern smartphone comes with round edge display. With the growing use of mobiles for accessing the website, the UI and UX designers need to rethink. Most of the time sharp edges elements are used in website designing and this creates a problem. 

So you need to shape your designs in a way that it fits the round edges mobiles effortlessly.

AR and VR

Both AR or Augmented Reality and VR or Virtual reality will be used in UI and UX design in the year 2019. VR is already used by several websites to enhance the customer experience. AR is also becoming popular at a very fast pace. Recently both Google and Apple launched their AR development platform. Thus with the advancement in technology, we might see increasing use of AR and VR in website and app designing this year.

Asymmetrical and Overlapping Design

Using a less linear frame with overlapping layouts is not a new trend and is in use from 2107. The trend is not going anywhere and will continue in 2019. Today almost all the web browsers support the CSS grid layout which is essential for less linear designs. As a result of which we will see more designs following the asymmetrical, floating and overlapping layout. The asymmetrical layout stands out from the rest and it conveys the information more clearly to the users.

A Design That Saves Time

No one has much spare time to deal with time consuming and useless features of a website. Users are demanding efficiency than anything else which is forcing the designers to drop the useless and time-consuming elements of a website. This results in a sleek and simple layout which can be used in the shortest possible time.

Overall simple and minimalistic design along with vibrant and bold color and overlapping effects are going to rule 2019. As a designer, you must keep these things in mind when creating a new website layout in 2019. 

Author Bio: Rahul Som is a CEO and co-founder of Hopinfirst, one of the top Mobile App development Company which provide best iPhone app development and Android app development Services. Rahul is passionate about Startups, Technology and management and blogs frequently on the topics.

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