Top 2 Ways to Remove Administrator Password on Windows 10

Administrator Password

Remove Administrator Password

You may face some problems when you or your friends forget the Administrator account password and can’t log into your PC. Or you have created a Windows 10 Administrator password, now you want to remove password protection from the Administrator account, but you have no idea on how to remove it on Windows 10? Don’t worry. Here we are posting 2 methods for your reference which can be used to remove Windows Administrator password in Windows 10.

Method 1: Remove Administrator Password with Command Prompt

If you have another admin account in Windows 10, you can use this account to log on to your PC. You are allowed to remove Windows 10 password free from the command prompt. But if you are the only user of your computer, skip getting Windows 10 password finder.

  • Step 1: Start your computer and press F8 key again and again until you see the safe mode options.
  • Step 2: Select safe mode with command prompt. Now the login screen will come up. Select the administrator account. After that, the CMD will come up.
  • Step 3: Within that command prompt, type this command (Net user “your username” “new password” ) and hit enter. To remove this password, just replace New Password with “*”.

Now the password is removed and you can log in without a password to open Windows.

Method 2: Delete Administrator Password with Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is an excellent password recovery tool for Windows. It can help you reset lost Windows passwords on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, unlock user accounts which are disabled, locked out or expired. It can also support password resetting for Windows 10 Microsoft account.

Part 1: Download and Install the Program

Download a free demo version of Windows Password Key Standard from any accessible PC. Click Windows Password Key Enterprise.exe to install the program. Then follow the instructions below to reset Windows password:

Part 2: Burn Program to Vacant CD/DVD

Step1: Run the program and burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB with the default ISO image file provided by Windows Password Key.

Step2: Alternatively select “CD/DVDor “USB Flash Drive and insert CD/DVD or USB drive. Click the “Burn” button to move on.

Step3: Click “Yes” to start the burning process. It may take a few minutes. Then click “OK” and eject CD after burning successfully completes.

Part 3. Remove Windows Password with Bootable CD/DVD

Step 1: Insert newly created CD/DVD/USB into your password-protected computer and reboot your PC from CD/DVD/USB disk. PressF12to enter “Boot Menu”. Select CD/DVD/USB disk from the list and then hit “Enter”.

Tips: Have set Boot Order but still failed to boot your computer by using the burned disk? Please refer to How to boot UEFI-based computer by an external device for HPDellLenovo/ThinkPadSonyASUSToshibaAcer, and Surface.

Step 2: Select the user account which you want to remove and click “Remove Windows Password”. Hit “Next” to confirm. Then your password will be removed successfully.

There you go, with the above steps and Windows 10 password reset now you can remove the Administrator password on Windows 10. Do not hesitate to get the free download and try it for yourself!

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