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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Laravel Framework in 2021

Laravel Framework

Is it true that you are confused about which PHP framework to decide for your web development project? This is all well and good, as there are numerous PHP frameworks to browse that have various highlights and functionalities. Here, we’ll talk regarding why the PHP Laravel framework is your most ideal choice.

Despite the fact that having a tough rivalry between CakePHP and Codeigniter, the Laravel framework is favored more by entrepreneurs and designers the same by hiring a Laravel development company.

Before we dive into the motivations to pick the PHP Laravel framework for web development and its different benefits, how about we initially comprehend the Laravel framework.

What is PHP Laravel Framework?

Since its underlying release in 2011, Laravel has been the most popular and used PHP framework.

Laravel is an open-source platform. The most eminent component of the Laravel framework is its rich and expressive syntax. This tricky framework is intended to simplify and accelerates the general web development process.

Admittance to ready-to-utilize functions like client verification, meeting the executives, steering, and reserving, makes the engineer’s work way simpler while working with the PHP Laravel framework.

Reasons to Select Laravel for Web Development

Open Source

Laravel is an open-source framework. It empowers the development of enormous and complex sites easily and with no expense. All you need to begin is a text editor and PHP.

Simple to begin

Alright!! Read the title once more, first reason individuals start with laravel is, it’s not difficult to begin. Regardless of whether you’re aware of simply the rudiments of PHP, you can easily create a 5-page site in only a couple of hours.

Quite possibly the main advantage of picking Laravel for your web application development is its ability to give a significant level of security. If you pick Laravel, your web application presents no danger of unexpected and hidden SQL infusions.

Moreover, Laravel can give fantastic accomplishment of web applications. Web development company functions influence the performance of the site.

High-Security Standards

Laravel ensures your site’s high security. You should simply utilize certain parts of the framework. Laravel has inherent security features including its own Authentication system and assurance against Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), and SQL injections.

Unit Testing

With the Laravel framework, it is simpler to perform distinctive testing, including unit testing, to ensure that the changes made by designers don’t turn out badly. This guarantees the flawless and smooth development of the application.

Supporting Products and Packages for Laravel platform

There are various items that along with Laravel combine into an extremely amazing set-up of services. These are items that will help you in an unexpected way, from the local climate (Homestead) to deployment (Forge, Envoyer).            

Consistent Programming

Laracasts from Laravel offers tutorials that assist developers with solving Laravel without any preparation. Likewise, the tutorials can be urgent for designers attempting to address complex coding issues of Laravel development. The broad content accessible on this platform is curated by master experts with the intention of making this framework as simple and reasonable as could be expected.

Modular Applications

Laravel on more than 20 distinct libraries and it itself split up into various individual modules. This framework has received the latest PHP standards, which allows developers to build particular, responsive, and easy-to-understand applications, effectively.

Supports MVC Architecture

Most PHP frameworks come up short to give bother free help to Model-View-Controller design. Laravel, then again, upholds MVC design which helps in upgrading the general performance, advanced documentation, and offers different functionalities. The help for MVC design is one of the fundamental factors that make Laravel the best PHP framework.

Mail Service Integration in Laravel

It is hard to think about a web application without a mail service. Laravel gives drivers to mail work, permitting an application to send mails through a nearby or cloud-based help. What’s more, Laravel development company offers help for sending notices across an assortment of delivery channels.

Migration for Database

Migration is one of the key highlights gave by Laravel. Migration permits you to keep up the data set structure of utilization without re-making it. Rather than utilizing SQL, movement permits you to compose PHP code to control the Database. Movements permit you to roll back the latest changes you made to Database.


Hiring Laravel Developers simplifies it to set up the digital platform. Site development is a mix of both logic and creativity. Laravel framework is a successful tool for these reasons. It offers a lot of chances for effective website development.

Author Bio: Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding mobile app development and website development solutions as well as high-end digital marketing services. He has been in the IT industry for more than 8 years with a specialization in .Net. Apart from successfully playing his part in a leading software development company, he is an avid reader and writer of technology-related articles and blogs. 

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