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Top 10 Most Expensive Items to Buy in OSRS 2021

Old school RuneScape is a classic MMORPG that while many tried to replicate, failed severely. It offers dangerous monsters, enticing dungeons, and a sandbox world. What more could one ask for, right? 

However, to make your gameplay seamless and easier, and as common sense dictates, one must possess the right tools for each occasion. You cannot change the fate of the world with a stick and wooden shield.

Nevertheless, our team has compiled a list of items that while expensive, are extremely useful to the player’s progression. You can either sell them or use these items to annihilate a bunch of goblins, the choice is yours to make. That’s what makes MMORPGs so fun, right? Hence, here are our top 10 most expensive items in OSRS. 

Arcane Sigil

The Arcane Sigil item is attainable from Corporeal Beasts. Considering how difficult Corporeal Beasts are to take down, the effort instantly translates to the high amount of money you can get. However, what raises its price, even more, is its rarity and how it can be equipped with Blessed Spirit Shield to create an Arcane Spirit Shield. 

Arcane Spirit Shield

If you’re looking for the best off-hand item for magic users who want more damage and defence, then look no further. The Arcane Spirit Shield provides a set bonus of +20 Magic Attack (MATK), alongside the base stats of Blessed Spirit Shield.

3rd Age Cloak 

This item offers a whopping bonus of +9 to all defensive stats. Even better, it provides a +5 prayer boost. The item is only acquirable from the Treasure Trails, as well as a rare drop. Thus, putting it amongst the most expensive items in OSRS.

If you’re after the prayer stat boost, then you’d do well by picking Ardougne Cloak 3 instead. However, the cloak’s aesthetics and synergy with other 3rd age gear. But, just like all other items on this list, there is an easier way to buy OSRS items, and that’s through the Eldorado platform.  

3rd Age Axe

The second 3rd Age item on this list, with more to come. This axe is more of a fashion statement more than anything else, and for good reason. The 3rd Age Axe boasts the carbon-copy stats of the average Dragon Axe and it also has a similar woodcutting level requirement of 61. Moreover, it can only be obtained from Treasure Trails as well.

3rd Age Bow

The 3rd Age bow is an absolute work of art. It has the range of a longbow while boosting the speed of a short bow. With this best-of-both-worlds combination, the bow can be used up to the dragon and is perfect for PvE and PvP. Nevertheless, similar to its above-mentioned counterparts, the 3rd Age bow can only be obtained from Treasure Trails.

3rd Age Longsword

This is the best longsword in OldSchool RuneScape, period. The 3rd Age longsword has superior stats while retaining an awesome look. And though it may be called and look like a longsword, it acts no different from a 2-hand sword — it offers a crush bonus rather than the average stab bonus. 

Elysian Sigil 

If you still don’t understand the reason behind bullying Corporeal Beast, then this will provide the answer. The Elysian Sigil is an extremely rare item that is only obtainable from the Corporeal Beast. What’s the point of getting it? Well, attaching this sigil to the Blessed Spirit shield turns it into one of the best, if not the best, shields in the game. 

Elysian Spirit Shield

As mentioned above, the Elysian Spirit shield is a force to be reckoned with. It provides superb defensive bonuses when compared to other shields, be it the Arcane Spirit shield or Spectral Spirit shield. Similarly, the shield comes with an unparalleled passive that significantly reduces damage taken by 25%. The only catch: the effects has a 75% chance to activate.

Twisted Bow

Describing this bow is quite simple — best bow in the game. The Twisted bow can be acquired from the Chambers of Xeric raid, as a reward. It covers a max distance of 10 tiles, while being able to shoot all kinds of arrows. Moreover, the damage of this bow depends entirely on the enemy’s magic level. The higher the enemy’s level, the more damage it deals. Hence, making it the ultimate weapon for slaying monsters like the Alchemical Hydra.

3rd Age Pickaxe

This item may not seem worth its price tag, however, what it offers is too difficult to overlook. It boasts a similar set of stats as the dragon pickaxe. The 3rd Age pickaxe is a status symbol that most, if not all, miners seek to possess. The item can only be obtained from Treasure Trails, as well as requires 65 ATK and 61 mining. 

Alas, we hope this list helped you understand and find out the most expensive items, and the reason behind their price tag. Though these items are difficult to acquire, we wish you luck for your quests and success at attaining these items.

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