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Top 10 Mobile Application Development Tools

App Development Tools

In today’s digital world, the best possible way for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses is through mobile applications. 

Earlier businesses used to hire a website or mobile application development company for developing a website, web app, or mobile applications as a part of their marketing strategy but now it has become the need of an hour to have a responsive mobile and web app. 

These applications help to reach the potential audience and for extending the market share via global visibility. 

With huge technology integration and advancement, building these mobile applications is simple and hassle-free. 

All that is required is to hire dedicated developers who can understand your business requirements and have the correct mobile app tool. 

In this guide, we will present you with some of the leading mobile app development tools or frameworks that are used by developers worldwide. 

Thus, if you are also looking forward to building an app for your business & to get mobile app developers for hire, then this guide will surely assist you to select the best mobile app tool & then hiring expert developers who can build a unique app using that tool. 

Let’s begin:

What are Mobile Application Development Tools?

The mobile application development tools can be better understood as the software that is designed for easing the process of app development. 

Creating a mobile application needs multiple things and one mandatory aspect is a mobile app development tool. 

These tools provide huge built-in advantages to create a reliable, economical, and structured environment to fasten up the development process. 

There are multiple tools for Android and iOS and these tools along with web-based languages such as JavaScript, HTML, etc. can help the developers create unique mobile apps. 

These tools also offer several templates, analytics, IDEs, API, code-free developments, and data synchronization. 

Now, let’s move ahead to the section exploring the top 10 mobile app development tools.

Top Mobile Application Development Tools in 2022

There are so many mobile app tools that are used for cross-platform app development. Using these tools, developers can build innovative and advanced apps by using only one codebase. 

Hence, to help you get the best mobile app development framework, we have listed some of the leading mobile app tools to select from for your business. 

  1. XCode
  2. Android Studio
  3. AppCode
  4. Appcelerator
  5. Xamarin
  6. Adobe PhoneGap
  7. Ionic
  8. React Native
  9. Corona Labs
  10. Buddy

1. XCode

In XCode, there are debugging tools that support the resolution of the issues rapidly. As well, there is efficient management of code files and image assets. 

Using this tool, the developers can build native mobile applications for multiple OS platforms such as iPadOS, macOS, and iOS. 

If you are looking to create a macOS or iOS application, then XCode is the perfect framework for mobile app developers. 

XcodeEven the developers can both develop & publish the applications on the App Store if they are developed using the XCode tool. 

Multiple tools are required for building an application comprising a build system, compiler, and text editor. 

The tools made it simple and hassle-free for the developers for writing, debug, compile, and publish the applications. 

It provides the most suitable environment to develop a mobile app. One of the worldwide popular applications built using this tool is the Uber app. 


  • It provides a closed environment
  • It uses the single window interface
  • It offers complete documentation
  • It provides several testing ways for removing bugs

2. Android Studio

If the app developers are looking for an integrated development environment (IDE) for fastening the process to build a mobile app, then the best available tool is Android Studio. 

It is useful in developing native Android applications. Not only does it support rapid development, but it also helps mobile application developers to create a mobile app for all Android devices. 

Android Studio

The use of Android Studio makes sure that there is the development of a scalable, responsive, and productive application. 

To improve the experience of the Android application developers, there is a use of the integrated Grade build system. 

It provides a graphical user interface too to make it simpler for the developers for using drag and drop accurately. One of the famous applications that have been built using Android Studio is the Netflix app. 


  • There are various testing frameworks and tools
  • Feature-rich & rapid emulator
  • Configuring app building without any limits
  • Faster coding and iterating

3. AppCode

There is an intelligent IDE that supports efficient code management and saves time. AppCode is used with numerous programming languages such as Objective-C, Swift, and C++. 

This framework is made on the IntelliJ IDEA platform and is used to write their plug-ins and install plug-ins. 


Also, it supports the developers in automating various app development tasks and finding & fixing bugs and errors. 

It also helps to enhance productivity and efficiency to create native iOS applications. One such prominent and well-known app built using this tool is the famous social media app, Twitter. 


  • There is only one integrated development environment for multiple languages
  • There are various built-in integrations and tools
  • Code Assistance

4. Appcelerator

Appcelerator tool helps to allow the developers for building apps with codes of shorter lines. 

Such mobile app development tool supports browser-based HTML5, Windows, Android, and iOS applications. 

This tool takes use of JavaScript for building native code with efficient performance. It provides approximately 5000 APIs for HTML5, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and Android. 


If you are looking to hire mobile app developers for building an application that is full of features and efficient performance, then the best framework is Appcelerator. Learning this tool might be a little complex but once you have learned it, there is so much that can be done to make a productive application. 


  • Offers support for the global expansions across multi-region
  • Enhances the speed of developing a mobile app
  • High cloud capacity limits
  • On-premises deployment
  • Complete access to the underlying mobile operating system
  • Build apps for all the supported OS

5. Xamarin

It is an advanced mobile app tool that supports app development using one single programming language i.e., C#. 

There is used a class library to run on multiple OS platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Windows. It is one of the most recognized tools that is owned by Microsoft. 

This open-source development platform is for creating mobile apps for small businesses. There are developed iOS, Windows, and Android applications using .NET and C#. 

XamerinThere are various libraries, programming languages, and tools in the Xamarin framework for building mobile applications. 

Developers can use the business logic layers as well as the already existing data access across multiple platforms. The .NET platform comprises the following:

  • Base libraries for supporting app development using dates, strings, and files
  • Developers can get the tools and editors for Docker, Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Use of C# along with the compilers

It is an alternative tool for developing cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android platforms. 

In C# language, there are required codes with very few lines. Hence, the app coding becomes faster. 

As well, the developers can easily and rapidly do script transferring across various systems for example macOS and Windows. 

The topmost applications that have used the Xamarin framework for their development include the American Cancer Society, Alaska Airlines, and The World Bank. 


  • Free of cost videos, tutorials, and courses
  • For the native APIs, there are SkiaSharp and Xamarin.Essentials
  • Forms UI with XAML
  • It is compatible with numerous mobile devices
  • Rapid advancement

6. Adobe PhoneGap

It is a well-known and developer-friendly tool for cross-platform app development. It is open-source and can be used for developing a single code app capable of working on various devices. 

PhoneGapDevelopers use JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 for building apps. The plugins of PhoneGap help developers to make use of features like accelerometer, camera, and GPS for providing a native-like experience. 


  • There is only a single source of code
  • Helps streamline the app development process
  • Allows integration with multiple libraries for improving app development
  • Reduces app development time & effort

7. Ionic

It is an advanced mobile app tool that supports the browser to create code and make the app development process easy without the need to compile the app. 

Because of its open-source nature, developers can use Ionic without paying any charges for developing progressive mobile applications and web applications. 


Even there is the use of JavaScript programming language for making the app development process easy.

 It is one of the most perfect mobile app frameworks for developing Android and iOS applications by using techs such as CSS, HTML5, and SAAS. 

Various well-known apps have been built using the Ionic tool are JustWatch, MarketWatch, and restaurant apps like McDonald’s.


  • It is open-source and free to use
  • AOT Compiling
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • There are touch-optimized gestures
  • There is a library of UI components

8. React Native

This mobile app framework helps to create native applications without letting compromising the experience of the users at any cost. 

It supports numerous programming languages such as C++, Swift, and Java. A mobile app development company prefers to choose React Native over other frameworks because of its huge advantages. 


There is a sound user interface that helps to decrease the app loading time & increase the speed of app development. 

Built by Facebook, it is an open-source framework that uses JavaScript for fast prototyping. Some of the leading mobile applications that have been created using this tool include social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc.


  • Components for reuse purposes
  • OTA updates
  • It supports Python, C++, Swift, Java, and Objective C
  • Plug-n-play custom templates
  • Third-party extension compatibility
  • Approximately 80% codebase is sharable
  • Amazing Performance
  • Rapid coding & iteration

9. Corona Labs

It is a famous mobile app development framework used by developers worldwide for creating both games as well as apps. 

There can be coded any app design element in the program using Corona Labs SDK comprising features, networking, as well as animations. 

Multiple platforms are supported by Corona Labs such as Windows, iOS, and Android. When the codes are edited, there can be seen some real-time visual adjustments. 

CoronaThere can also be added monetization models using the tool for taking payments across multiple platforms. 

The apps built using this tool can be published on Android, iOS, and Windows. Also, it supports the Box 2D graphics engines, OpenAL, and OpenGL. 


  • Active development forum access
  • Allow adding monetization model
  • Allow coding animations, features, and graphics
  • On-premises app development

10. Buddy

When it comes to performing change-oriented and seamless expansions, usually the developers of a software development company use the Buddy tool for that purpose. 

There are available so many pre-configures and dedicated services and actions that make the app development process faster and easier. 

BuddyIf you aim to create, sign, test, and publish the Android application with just one click then Buddy mobile app tool is one of the best tools. 


  • Clean & Intuitive UX/UI
  • Support multiple task managers & languages
  • There are more than 100+ actions
  • WordPress, AWS, Azure, & Digital Ocean Integrations

Summing Up

Before going about how to create a mobile app, it is necessary to get insights about the most potential mobile app frameworks or tools that can help you build a good and unique mobile app. 

As these tools play a vital role in providing you with a platform for developing the best mobile apps. 

Hope this guide has helped you in getting knowledge of some of the best mobile app tools and made it simpler for you to select the most suitable one for your business. 

Rohan Singh


Author Bio: Rohan Singh, Chief Executive Officer at SemiDot Infotech, Top rated multi award winning Software development company providing a full suite of services and solutions to small, medium, big enterprises, product companies & new-age start-ups. I have extensive experience working for multinational companies and know what it takes to take a company to the next level.


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