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Top 10 Education Blogs Modern Teachers Must Follow

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Teachers are curious to get new ideas on how they can improve their teaching. Apart from knowing their subject matter, teachers need to acquire a variety of professional development skills. The rapid widespread use of technology has offered various ways through which teachers can acquire new skills. Various websites are available on the Internet which can assist teachers. Given that teachers are busy, it is critical to outline the best education blogs they can visit. The following are the top 10 blogs that teachers should follow.

1. TechThought

The advancement in technology has created the need for individuals to be digitally connected. The same has happened in education where teachers need to include technology in education. TechThought exists to educate teachers on how to use various technological devices and applications.

Educators learn the best practices in the use of technology. For instance, they discover the right hashtags to follow on social media platforms like Twitter. The research on how different teaching methods affect the learning process is helpful to teachers. The website helps teachers to be better equipped to use technology in the classroom.

2. MindShift

Mindshift focuses more on the future of learning. It explores different dimensions including cultural and technological trends related to education. The blog is for teachers who want to achieve more in their career.

The dedication of the blog towards the future of education is amazing. Mindshift has writers who ensure that they keep readers updated about the latest developments. Teaching is a career that requires individuals who are willing to learn new information. Teachers will find this blog critical for enhancing their knowledge of the latest technological developments.

3. Wabisabi Blog

Teachers need to focus on what is more important; the students. However, teachers often find themselves having to deal with the complexity of planning and reporting. Wabisabi is a great blog for assisting teachers to identify their goals and work towards achieving it. Here, they learn what they need to do to remain focused on the needs of the learners.

The blog is constantly updated. It keeps teachers posted with credible information. The availability of up-to-date information enables teachers to learn current trends. Wabisabi is a must-read for teachers who wish to make a positive impact.

4. EdTech Roundup

Integrating technology in the learning process can sometimes be challenging. Teachers may feel that they lack the necessary technical skills to do it. EdTech Roundup assists teachers to integrate technology in the learning process.  The materials available on the site assist teachers to navigate through the integration process.

What makes this educational blog unique is the regular updates on educational technology issues. Teachers can find news and reviews they need for the latest technology. The availability of resources like lesson plans can assist teachers to integrate technology in the learning process.

5. Edudemic

Edudemic is an authoritative blog in technology in the education field. The writer appreciates that teachers may lack skills in integrating technology in the classroom. As a result, the blog seeks to offer educators with the information they require to incorporate technology in the classroom.

Teachers who use this blog are assured of guides and reviews on technological devices and applications. The best practices for learning online are offered to help teachers to gain the most from information on the Internet. The educators’ guide to technology is key in assisting teachers to follow current practices in applying technology in education.

6. FreeTech4Teachers

Teachers may not be aware of the availability of free materials online. FreeTech4Teachers assists teachers to locate these materials. Educators can browse through the website to identify relevant materials at no extra cost. For teachers who want free materials, this blog is appropriate.

FreeTech4Teachers has gained recognition as a leading blog for teachers. With more than 500,000 readers worldwide, experts from CustomEssay recommend this site. Teachers will free materials that will enhance their teaching. The blog has been recognized for its contribution to education by winning various awards. For instance, it won the Edublogs Award in 2012 for being the best tech blog.

7. Cycles of learning

Modern learning is supposed to generate curiosity from learners. Teachers may find it challenging to create an interest in certain subjects. Cycles of learning is dedicated to assisting teachers to discover ways of allowing the learners to explore possibilities.

The blog guides teachers on how they can create an environment where teachers can enhance curiosity and inquiry among the students. Here, teachers will learn how to make teaching interesting students. Educators will also discover various ways of ensuring that learners remain creative.

8. Edutopia

Edutopia is a blog dedicated to offering learning strategies targeting k-12 learners and their teachers. The blog serves to generate content that improves the manner in which students learn. It also offers ways of engaging students through collaboration. For instance, teachers discover how to enhance collaboration with the students.

Teachers will benefit from a series that documents the schools and programs that are enhancing how students learn. The success stories and tip lists are critical in assisting teachers to improve how they teach. The teaching materials contained in the blog assist teachers to enhance their profession. 

9. Teacher Toolkit

Teacher Toolkit is one of the top blogs for teachers. The website focuses on how educators can improve the quality of learning. The author appreciates that when teachers have the necessary skills, they perform better in the classroom. The blog hence serves to empower teachers to become better in their profession.

Teachers will learn from this site some practical teaching tips. They can then use these to improve the classroom environment. Teachers who read this blog will identify better ways of teaching. There are also many resources available for teachers to use.

10. The Innovative Educator

The Innovative Educator remains one of the educator blogs that teachers should follow. Teachers have an obligation to cater to the needs of the various learners. This is not possible if they do not keep themselves updated. There is a need to obtain information that helps teachers to enhance the teaching and learning environment.

This blog offers resources that can assist teachers to make learning more relevant. Educators discover ways of ensuring that learners can apply what they have acquired in real-life situations. Further, educators learn how to accommodate the needs of different students. In essence, the website teaches educators how to cater to the needs of diverse students.

Concussively, teaching demands that educators should remain updated on current progress in education. Such information is not available in books. However, teachers have technology at their disposal, and in particular blogs. The top education bloggers presented in this article are a must-read for teachers who want to enhance the learning process. These sites contain useful information to enhance the work of teachers. If you have been wondering which blogs to read, then follow these ones and you will not regret.

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