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Top 10 Apps to Speed up Your Android Device

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This article provides a look into the top 10 apps that will speed up your devices running on the Android operating system. It was contributed by Eva Henderson, (see Eva’s bio at the end of the article).

Top 10 Apps to Speed up Your Android Device

Despite the best efforts of Google to maintain long term optimisation, the Android OS does tend to experience some slow down with frequent use over time. Whilst the latest ART runtime shows a marked improvement in performance over the previous Dalvik engine, it still can’t prevent apps from accumulating junk files that can drain resources from your Android device. The consequences are that performance can suffer, which is where these apps can help, through emptying useless storage data, preventing slow down and accelerating function. There’s a wealth of optimisation apps available, so here are ten of the best to help get your Android device back to full speed.

1. SD Maid

SD Maid is a useful tool for getting rid of dead weight on the external memory card. The app sifts out junk files and clears out logs and reports that can stay on your external storage even when you’ve uninstalled an application.

2. Clean Master

With more than 500 million downloads to its name, Clean Master is one of the most popular optimization apps around and packed full of features. Its core function is cleaning out junk files, but it also comes with and antivirus and helps with battery life and overall performance. It’s great at identifying app detritus without deleting important personal data like videos or photos. If you’re only going to pick one optimisation app you could do a lot worse than Clean Master.

3. Android Assistant

This informative app helps with cache clearing and also proves useful in blocking startup apps that slow down your phone’s activation. It can also transfer apps to external storage, leaving you with more juice on your internal memory, and the battery saver does a great job of making your charge last longer.

4. Ace Cleaner

Ace Cleaner is one of the most straightforward cleaner applications that makes its many features a pleasure to use. Ace Boost, Ace Clean, Battery Saver, Quiet Notification and CPU Cooler are all fantastic tools that can give your phone’s performance the edge. The ability to easily delete duplicate photos is another plus with this excellent app.

5. Cleaner Extreme Lite

With a storage footprint of only 3MB, Cleaner Extreme Light is one of the most fleet-footed cleaning apps available. As well as being able to clean out your app and system caches, it can also erase residual thumbnails that can accumulate to take up a lot of space without the user being aware. If you upgrade to the pro version you can also set up automated cleaning at regular intervals.

6. ROM Toolbox Lite

Even with the vanilla version, this app comes packed full of useful features to help you customise lots of different aspects of your phone. You can back up and restore apps, manage files, alter system fonts, and so on. The premium edition packs even more of a punch with cache cleaning tools, app finders, processor controls, storage optimisers and more.

7. 3C Toolbox

A good option for those looking to fine-tune performance, 3C Toolbox lets you calibrate the nitty gritty of your Android’s various processes. Features like Screen Tweaks, CPU Control, Battery Calibration and RAM Management let you mete out your device’s processing power in exactly the way you see fit.

8. DU Speed Booster

It’s possible that over 230 million users could be wrong, but the effectiveness of DU Speed Booster suggests otherwise. With a couple of taps the app can whip you device into shape by optimising background apps, deleting junk files and freeing up memory storage. The CPU cooler UI makes it easy to see which of your apps are draining the most resources, letting you then turn them off if you so desire.

9. Go Speed

If it’s faster performance you’re after, then Go Speed is your friend. It’s a lightweight cleaning app with an impressive ability to stop auto-starting apps dead in their tracks. Thanks to the effectiveness of its advanced monitoring technology, you’ll be surprised at just how much of a difference Go Speed can have on the moment-to-moment agility of your device.

10. 360 Security

Whilst security and optimisation apps don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, it’s worth remembering that malware can be a big system drain in and of itself. 360 Security is a thoroughly comprehensive security solution that can detect and purge malware from deep within your Android device to stop them illicitly draining your resources. There’s also cache and temp data clearing available that can further speed up performance.

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