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TodayRemote Widget: Control iTunes / Spotify Desktop Music Playback From iOS

While you can already access and control music playback on iTunes on your Mac using Apple’s Remote app, TodayRemote allows you to bypass the need for even unlocking your phone or iPad; accessing the app through a nifty widget in your Notification Center.


When you’re sitting in your home listening to some music on your Mac, you don’t want to be getting up from your bed every time you want to skip a song or tweak the volume a little. You can do it using the official Remote app, but if you want to go a step further and eliminate the added step of opening Remote, try TodayRemote.

TodayRemote adds a handy widget to the Today view in the Notification Center. While you’re on the Lock Screen or in any other app, all you have to do is pull down the Notification Center to access some basic controls for any song playing on iTunes. It eliminates the added step of unlocking your phone and opening the Remote app to do the same.

The widget is basically like any other music widget you may have seen and allows you to pause and play songs, skip to the next or previous song and adjust the volume for any track that is playing on iTunes. Once you’ve played something on iTunes, TodayRemote works for all of them, be it your library, music, radio or podcasts.

To use TodayRemote however, one must install the Mac app along with the iPhone app and pair the devices together. It’s easy enough; once you’ve installed both apps, open up the iOS one, search for available devices and select your device form the ones available. You can even pair with multiple devices and controls for both devices will be available in the Notification Center.


There is one thing to note, TodayRemote is not from an identified developer, so once you download it, make sure you run it by using Control+click and then selecting “open”. This way you’ll be able to bypass the security checks and install it easily.

While all the features mentioned are present free version, there’s also a paid version available for $1.99 which allows you to link with not only iTunes but also Spotify, Rdio, Vox, and VLC, with support for additional players coming in the future. Another small but intelligent feature available in the paid version is that you can tweak your Mac’s device volume as well as the player’s volume. While $1.99 might seem a bit steep, it’s tempting when you consider how handy the app is.

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