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Tips to Remember When Buying Electric Scooter for Kids

Child Riding an Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter

Recently, the kids’ electric scooter has gained massive popularity. The convenience, economical save, and thrill offered by this scooter are truly phenomenal.

Your kid can safely ride to their school, nearby park, or even to their friends’ house at minimal costs. It not only instills a sense of independence but also provides your child with the adventure thrill he or she craves.

If you are already considering buying an electric scooter for your kid, then we congratulate you on making the wise decision! Here are a few trips from our end to help you make the most of this smart move!

#1. Choose the Right Size

When buying an electric scooter for your young one, keep their height and weight into consideration. On average, foldable electric bikes, self-balancing e-scooters, and kick electric scooters are recommendable for eight years old and above. 

With that said, an eight-year-old weighs around 50 lbs. and has a height of 4 feet, one inch. In case, your child is underweight and underweight. You may have to put in some extra research in finding the perfect size scooter. Similarly, if the child is overweight, we’d suggest you get your kid scooter’s meant for a kid older than them.

That’s because if you burden a kid with a heavyweight or humongous e-scooter, they may not be able to drive it. On the contrary, a heavyweight child would be uncomfortable and insecure boarding a small-sized scooter.

#2. Opt for the Ones with Quick Charge Feature

These days e-scooters come equipped with countless features. From height adjustability to LED lights, you’ll find them all in various models of e-scooters.

Naturally, when purchasing e-scooters, it’s best to opt for ones that offer the maximum amount of features, particularly the ones that interest your child. Note that these could be in terms of design, as well (front baskets work too, yes!). 

However, one feature that could prove to be life-saving for your kid is none other than that quick recharge. Usually, electric scooters take about 3-8 hours to recharge. It could cost you loads of money and your child loads of time.

So, the best option for an electric scooter with a quick recharge feature that takes only about 40 – 50 minutes. It would give the same runtime as any other electric scooter, i.e., 1-2 hours.

#3. Inspect Tires

We advise considering the tires before you buy an e-scooter for kids, mostly with regard to safety than any other thing. If they are not of the right type, size, or material, they could cause serious accidents.

Currently, two types of tires come installed in e-scooters. These include pneumatic tires and solid tires. Among these two, we recommend pneumatic tires because they offer better stability, suspension, traction, and even speed. However, they may demand more maintenance as compared to solid tires. Another thing to note here is it’s best to choose solid tires if you live in an area with poor infrastructure, i.e., poor roads and lots of flat surfaces.

#4. Maximum Speed Limit Should be No More Than 10 mph

When riding a scooter on their own, children can be tempted to test their guts. You will find them eager to test the maximum speed of their new scooter before they even learn the basics. 

And that could be dangerous.

So, if you’ve to set them off on their own, then it’s best to buy a scooter with limited speed heights to offer. Ideally, a kid would be safe riding at a speed as high as ten mph (miles per hour). Younger kids, i.e., 8-11-year-olds, should be given scooters with a maximum of 7-8 mph of speed. Older teens can try out scooters with 15 mph speed.

Note that your child can always adjust the speed. So, along with purchasing a scooter with limited speed, it’s also essential to educate your child about the hazards of speeding their scooter.

Final Words  

All in all, it’s best to inspect the electric scooter you’re going to buy in every aspect crucial to your child. Be it design, charge time, speed, or any other aspect, ensure that it’s in accordance with your kid’s will! It’s your kid who’s going to use it after all!  Good luck.

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