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Tips to Consider Before Switching Your ISP

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Internet connectivity is nothing short of a necessity in this day and age. Without the power of a fast and reliable network, everyday activities such as email, social media posting, video conferencing, gaming, online shopping, or streaming will come to a halt. That is why consumers are extremely cautious when purchasing an internet plan – pining for a connection that’s as far removed from speed lags as possible. But, they don’t always get what they want. More often than not, people are tricked by the ISPs into buying a package, which doesn’t live up to its promise, leaving them crestfallen at the end of the month with a huge bill in sight. So, what do they do? Say, enough is enough, and switch providers.

If you’ve been suffering like that from a terrible internet connection and have made up your mind to finally break up with your ISP, then this post will help you through the severance process with a number of expert tips. Read on to find out.

Evaluate Your Reason to Switch

There could be many reasons for ending the relationship with your current ISP. You might be looking to save costs, and get a cheaper internet connection for your home that fulfills your needs without endangering your budget. Or, you might be craving for better internet speeds to support your intensive web activities. Some people also switch providers after a traumatic customer service experience with their previous ISP.

Whatever your reason may be, do evaluate it carefully, after considering multiple factors such as your usage pattern, cost analysis, and service availability, etc. Why? Because, according to DecisionData, about 70% of the people regret their decision right after switching internet providers, so you have to be really sure before making this huge digital change.

Find out the Cancellation Process

Research the cancellation process of your current internet subscription, and investigate the stakes meticulously. Some providers, such as Charter, give you an easy way out. You can suspend the service at any time without any extra cost, provided your overdue bills are cleared. It also offers you a chance to re-subscribe after a time of your choice, and all you have to do is pay a minimal Spectrum reconnection fee for that.

Other ISPs may not go so easy on you. Providers like CenturyLink, HughesNet, and Cox are known for their airtight contracts and their Early Termination Fees, which applies to your cancellation bill if you make an early exit, before the duration of the contract is out. You may also have to pay additional fees for any damage to the rented internet equipment that you’d need to return during the process.

However, there might be a way to escape the ETF. If you’re dissatisfied with the service, back your claim with a term from your contract and see how the ISP waives off the fee, to uphold their satisfaction guarantee. For this, you’d have to read the contract in detail and smartly negotiate the cancellation fee, without losing your temper in any way.

Hire a Professional Service

There are several professional services and tools in the market, which can help you during the cancellation process. Trim is a popular option that is known for lowering ETFs down to a minimum. Similarly, Trubill is a free service that lays down the quickest way to get out of a contract and recurring charges. BillFixers monitor the whole cancellation process and assist you in reducing the ETF by half! If you think that you might be convinced by the customer retention representative and won’t be able to quit while you can, then hire any of these professional services as a pre-emptive, before making the switch.

Search & Compare Internet Options In Your Area

Before your cancellation process goes into full motion, conduct a thorough search of the local ISPs in your area. Why? Because if there isn’t a better option to switch to, then you might need to reconsider your whole strategy. But, if there are some top-performing providers in your neighborhood, then put them side by side and compare their promised speeds, prices, plans, and benefits. See which one comes at the top. There are several online websites, which will give you an instant ISP comparison if you enter your zip code.

Moreover, note the customer service review of each provider by other consumers and the terms of subscribing. Only choose the option that complements your requirements down to each point.

See if the Provider Offers a Buyout Program

While comparing internet service providers in your area, check if any of them offer a contract buyout to new residential or business customers. Such promotion can get you on board with the new provider, cancel your previous subscription, and buy you out of your impending ETF with certain terms & conditions. You won’t have to do anything but contact the customer service representatives of the new provider online via live chat or through the phone, and everything will be done for you.

Wrapping Up

Canceling your current internet subscription and switching to a new provider is a tough process. There is no denying that. But, with the help of the tips mentioned in this post, you can deliberate over your decisions better and sail through the situation in a much more informed way, should you choose to finally act on it.

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