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Tips To Choose The Right Gimbal Like An Expert To Capture Picture Perfect

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A gimbal is a pivoted support. It allows rotation of an object about its axis. Gimbals are best suited for photo lovers. It helps to prevent trembling blurs and create stable video and perfect pictures. Generally, they are highly helpful in motion shots like through crowds, tight spaces, stairs, cars, while playing sports, running, etc.

There are several gimbal products available in the market. However, there are specifics involved in using them. For instance, Canon G7X Gimbal should be selected by those creating vlogging scenes.

Here is a complete guide on using a gimbal, like a professional.

Types Of Gimbals

Basically, there are two types of gimbals namely Electronic gimbals and stabilizers.

Electronic Gimbals

These gimbals use motors and electronics to stabilize the camera. There are more than 2 motors for the smooth rotation of the camera. These gimbals are easy to set up as compared to the other gimbals. They are lightweight. Therefore, users do not feel tired after using them. Hence, well suited for use for long periods.


They are similar to electronic gimbals. But they are greatly affordable, unlike electronic gimbals. They are also heavier than the electronic gimbals.

Questions To As Before Buying The Right Gimbal

How Many Axes Does The Gimbal Have?

The direction of movement of the gimbal is governed by the number of axes. More the number of axes, better the movement and higher the stability of the footage. The only drawback in having more axes is that the number of motors increases. This leads to additional weight.

What Is The Weight Of The Camera?

This is the most important factor to be considered. Always take into account the maximum and minimum payload limit of the gimbal. Consider the weight of the detachable lens as well. If the camera is lightweight, one can add quick release plates and other accessories.

What Is The Weight Of The Gimbal?

If the use of the camera is for a longer time, heavyweight gimbals will drain the arms. Therefore, select the weight of the gimbal based on the usage time.

What is the build quality of the gimbal?

Some inexpensive local gimbals are seldom made of plastics of lesser quality. This might get damaged if thrown inside traveling bags or handled roughly. There are gimbals that are made of nylon or reinforced plastic. These gimbals are stronger. There are also gimbals made of aluminum that are lightest and strongest. However, they are quite expensive than the other gimbals

What Is The Battery Life Of The Gimbal?

Electronic gimbals usually last between 8 to 20 hours. Higher the number of motors higher is the power required. Therefore, their battery back up should be strong enough to power all the motors as long as possible.

Other Questions

  1. Is the gimbal waterproof?
  2. It comes with a case or not?
  3. Is it compatible with the smartphone?
  4. Does the price justify all the above factors?

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