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Tips to Buy an Awesome Gaming Monitor

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If you prefer gaming on your computer, it’s impossible to do so without an awesome gaming monitor. You need a great monitor for Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well. Chances are you have a decent TV or monitor for watching Netflix or using desktop applications, but if you really want an immersive gaming experience, you should upgrade your screen to one that is specially made for gaming. Here are some tips to buy an awesome gaming monitor.

There are Many Types of Monitors on the Market

Did you know that there are a variety of different monitors that you can buy? These include HD, Full HD, 2HD, Quad HD, 4K, and 5K. With the gaming industry being a multi-billion-dollar industry, many companies offer you a wide variety of options to choose from and purchase.

There are a couple of ways to determine which will best suit your needs.

How You Plan to Use Your Monitor

What are your usage goals? Emailing grandma? Streaming movies? Or playing interactive video games? If it is for anything other than gaming, you can be more lax with your choices, however, if you want a great gaming monitor, you want one that has fast refresh rates and response times. Color accuracy is also important.

When looking at the Hertz, the higher the number the faster the refresh rate. So, for a crisp, less pixelated picture, you will want more hertz for a gaming monitor. A good one will be at least 75, but most gaming specific monitors will be well over 100 hertz.


Regardless if you entirely understand what the resolution numbers truly mean, the higher the resolution, the better the picture. As you increase the definition, the picture also becomes clearer, sharper, and more realistic.

A great gaming monitor will have a resolution of at least 1080p for HD. The better the monitor you get, the higher the resolution should be. Compare an HD to a 2K or 4K and see the difference. Most 4K’s have a resolution over 2,000p.

Just be sure that your gaming graphics card is compatible with the screen resolution you are seeking if gaming on the PC. Buying a 5K monitor with a cheap graphics card may be counterproductive. You can end up with some awful visuals.

Most games work best on a 4K system these days, unless you want to spend the money on a higher end gaming card. Check the games that you play most to see what the recommendations are.

If You Can Get a Curved Monitor, Do It

Curved monitors have a lot of benefits. In addition to making the game more life-like, the technology of a curved screen makes it easier on the eyes. Even if you work in a profession where you look at a computer screen all day, try and get a curved monitor.  While a larger monitor works best with a curved screen, most gamers prefer a larger screen anyways.

What is Color Bit Depth?

Color bit depth makes colors more accurate and intense. With a high bit depth, everything will look sharp and brilliant. However, if your gaming card is lagging, a high bit depth won’t make a difference and you’ve wasted money. Aim for at least a bit depth of 8. Most cards can handle that output. If you want more color precision, you will definitely want to upgrade your gaming card. Since the resolution is also impacted by your gaming card limitations, you may want to upgrade this if you want a great gaming experience.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration if you want to upgrade your PC monitor for gaming purposes. These days you don’t need a large budget to get a great monitor that will make you feel like you are in the game.

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