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Tips on Ranking Higher on Google

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Google has employed hundreds of scientists and statisticians to improve the ranking algorithm. There are changes being made almost on a daily basis and it can be hard to keep up if you’re a webmaster. If you’re looking to rank high on search engines, it is your job to understand the intricacies. Every little piece of information is important because you’re competing with hundreds of people for the same search terms. You will need more than Google Search API for you to understand the factors that determine higher search rankings. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re looking to improve your rankings in search engines.

Unique Content

This point can’t be emphasized enough, Google loves unique content. Content curation has become a valuable marketing tool in the last couple of years. The majority of people are using the internet to find information. Google strives to make sure that the search results that are being presented are relevant and useful to the search query. The way to answer what searchers are looking for is by presenting useful content that has all the right information. It is easy to share great content. This could also come in handy for your off-page optimization strategies. Get more info.

Off-page Optimization

Most SEO experts agree that off-page optimization will contribute to 80% of an effective SEO campaign. It is also the aspect where a lot of people find it to be challenging. Google clearly states that it is against asking for links. It can be a tricky situation if you’re trying to do link building campaigns for your website. This brings us to our next point which is the backlinks.

Backlinks: A backlink can be defined as the link pointing to your page coming from an external source. Backlinks play a big role in SEO because Google sees them as votes. The more votes you have from authority sources, the higher the chances of ranking. Here are some tips that you can use to build backlinks:

Competitor Analysis

 It makes sense to see what your competitors are doing before you can strategize your link building campaign. It is easier to succeed if you can repeat what the competitors are doing. You have a high chance of ranking high in search engines if you can match what the top competitors are doing. One of the best tools for doing competitor analysis is Ahrefs. You get to see all the backlinks going to your competitors’ websites including the anchor texts that have been used.

Content: Content should be the backbone of the link building campaign. One of the best ways to encourage visitors to visit your site is by providing new and useful information on a regular basis. There will always be something to write about so long as you’re creative and you know what your users are searching. It is a good approach since you’ll be sure that there is a demand for the content that you’re generating.

Guest Blogging: The general principle behind guest blogging is allowing your website to get links from reputable blogs. Guest blogs tend to carry weight in the eyes of Google because the links are from legitimate websites. You’re likely to rank higher if the links are coming from a similar niche as yours. That is why relevance matters in any link building campaign.

Web 2.0 Sites: Such sites can come in handy if you’re looking for link diversity. There is a way that a natural link building campaign should look like. If it is a popular website, there are bound to be links from different sources. Google’s algorithm is getting smarter by the day and it will be a red flag if all your links are identical and pointing to the same page. In a perfect scenario, the homepage should have the majority of the links pointed to it. You don’t want to have 100 links pointing to an inner page when there are only a few pointing to main pages. That is you should be using web 2.0 sites for diversity.

Vendor and Testimonials

Giving a testimonial is one of the easiest ways you can acquire a free link. Most vendors will link back to your site when they feature you on their testimonial section. Make sure you’re including your strategic keywords when writing the testimonial.

To sum it up, your link building and SEO efforts will be useless if you’re not offering valuable content. Make sure you have the user in mind when developing content for your website or blog.

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