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Tips for Inspiring Your Restaurant’s Employees

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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in: if the people working for you are driven and feel connected to the project, you’ll get better results. If you’re running a restaurant, this might mean more inspired dishes, improved customer service, or something else. Motivated employees bring an intangible quality to the restaurant your business needs, plus they simply create a more positive and healthy place to work.

Here are a few tips you can use to help inspire your restaurant’s employees.

Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software reduces the time it takes to make schedules your employees will love by as much as 80%. Your employees will be delighted in being spared this frustrating task, and you’ll be glad they’re spending the time at work in the kitchen or tableside with customers.

Staff can submit leave requests remotely — this helps them keep their personal and work life organized because as soon as they discover they need time off, they can ask for it without physically having to be in the restaurant.

This software does a lot more beyond creating schedules quickly. The manager-facing dashboards supply actionable intelligence about everything in the restaurant; not only do you get precise information that gets produced by the scheduling and advanced time-clock features, but you’ll get data about sales and what people order because it integrates with all modern POS systems commonly used in North America.

If you’re looking to juggle your workforce management more effectively to satisfy your team while also getting important data about how your restaurant is really running, look to the latest employee scheduling software today.

Create a Professional Atmosphere

Encourage the attitude you want your staff to embody by treating them all like real professionals. Set the example. Beyond just words, give your wait staff some added responsibilities so they feel meaningfully connected to the restaurant operations.

Ask them for inputs about marketing or menu options, so they get a sense of agency in connection with aspects about the restaurant beyond their jobs. If you want your staff to conduct themselves like professionals when interacting with your customers, you need to treat them the same way.

Create a Social Charity Event

If you raise money for charity, it’s a good way to give back to the community while also bonding with your colleagues. This can take several different forms. Each employee can pick a charity, then whoever wins a competition (selling the most appetizers, desserts, or whatever else) gets to donate to the charity they chose. You can create a social event that both raises funds and lets your staff relax together.

Creating a positive workplace helps both your business and your employees. Each restaurant needs to find the way to inspire their staff that reflects its own culture and dynamic. But using new technology that simplifies mundane tasks and saves them time, treating them professionally and working together to support a worthy cause is a sure path towards making your staff genuinely inspired.

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