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Tips for Cleaning POS Equipment

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The recent pandemic has made many people aware of how quickly and easily germs, bacteria, and viruses can be spread. 

When customers enter a store or restaurant that uses a POS system, they may not be aware of the dangers it presents as far as spreading germs, bacteria, and other contagions. 

Keeping your POS hardware clean and sanitary is crucial to prevent the spread of foodborne and other illnesses spread by contact.

POS hardware and equipment is not only expensive, but it’s also delicate, and you have to know the proper way to clean the equipment without damaging it.

What is POS Hardware?

Point of sale or POS terminals and other hardware are devices used in bars, restaurants, and stores to ring up or complete a sales transaction. 

Decades ago, cash registers were the POS devices of choice, but now POS devices are much more high-tech, smaller, and complex. When it comes to tracking sales, keeping an inventory, and managing employee hours, POS terminals and software can do it all.

A handheld POS is another type of POS system and is an excellent way to protect your employees and customers with contactless checkouts. In addition, these compact and lightweight systems offer faster checkouts for your guests and can increase your business performance. According to the experts at Grubbrr, their POS system is, “designed to meet any challenge your restaurant presents. With 18-hours of battery life and commercial-grade drop protection, you can run your business with convenience and confidence.”

What About a POS System?

The POS system is the hardware and software that enables your business to ring in sales, whether cash, debit, or credit card. 

Just like a computer uses an operating system to function and run the programs you want it to run, a POS system uses programs to help you manage the day-to-day operations of your business. The POS system in any business gets a lot of use and is touched by many different people, which can spread germs.

Why Clean POS Hardware?

With all the hands touching the keys, printers, and other components of a POS system, it’s easy for these areas to get dirty and contaminated with various unsanitary things, especially in the restaurant industry.

To reduce the risks of spreading germs and bacteria that can cause people to get sick, it’s essential to regularly clean and disinfect your POS hardware.

Regular cleaning will also extend your POS terminal’s lifespan and help save you money by keeping your staff healthy and working. Regular cleaning and sanitizing also apply to handheld POS systems, even though handheld units see less contact by fewer people than traditional POS systems.

Tips for Cleaning POS Hardware

After each use and at the end of each shift, you should clean your POS terminal and handheld POS devices.

Use a sanitizing solution of 80 percent alcohol and 20 percent distilled water to sanitize each unit and terminal.

You should use alcohol wipes or glass cleaner to clean card readers, printers, and other components.

Regular cleaning and sanitizing of your POS system are critical to the lifespan of your system and the health of your employees and guests. It only takes a few minutes several times a day to keep your POS system sanitary and germ-free.

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