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Tips for Bakers to Mould Their Business During the Pandemic 

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From small to large scale, businesses of every size, type, and shape experienced the wrath of Coronavirus, and one among them is the food and restaurant business. Today, we are going to focus on bakers and share some tips about how they can keep their baking business fresh and alive during the pandemic.

We all welcomed the year 2020 with full enthusiasm without even the slightest hint that it is going to be a notable year in history known for fear, death, losses, etc. The outbreak of the deadly virus COVID-19 has undoubtedly shaken us all to the core. People are losing jobs and lives, the economy is crashing, healthcare is on the verge of breaking, savings are running out, our lifestyles have changed, and whatnot? Well, the fear is going to stay, and the only thing we can do to stay alive is to practice its precautionary measures without fail.

How COVID-19 Spoiled the Baking Business?

Like every other offline shop, bakeries or bakers too witnessed their livelihood going up in the smoke during the pandemic. Due to lockdown, as no occasions happened due to the fear of COVID-19 and practicing social distancing, the bakery business was affected badly.

But, months of lockdown and restrictions did one thing for sure. It awakened the hidden talent of many i.e. baking. While many amateurs shared their half-baked success and even disasters online, some turned out to be pro in baking which triggered the asleep entrepreneur in them to plan a baking business. So, how to get started with your baking dream? Or if you already own a bakery then the following are some tips to stay strong during the pandemic and thereafter.

Tip #1 – Create an online bakery shop with the help of a bakery app builder to start selling online. Even if you are new to this business or already are running a bakery, if you want to sail through the pandemic and any such crisis in the future, having an online presence will only do you good. As you might have experienced during the lockdown how online businesses survived, developed a bakery mobile app should be therefore your first step if you want to keep baking.

Tip #2 – Plan out your business strategy keeping the COVID-19 situation in mind. The pandemic taught us all a lesson that a crisis like this can strike anytime and hence; you have to prepare yourself and your team for crisis management so that in the future of your business won’t get affected as badly as it has during the pandemic. Work upon your crisis contingency plan, ensure you are running a safe workplace and maintaining it as well, figure out your communication priorities, map out how to mitigate risks to both employees and operations, create a crisis management team who can assess potential risk for the organization and take necessary actions during such times, work upon your funds, finances and design a backup plan, and lastly, keep reviewing everything and make necessary changes according to the situations.

Tip #3 – Make health and hygiene your utmost priority. Maintaining health and hygiene applies to both your offline and online business even if the pandemic or any other situation occurs or not as you are running a food business, but now, with the fear of getting infected still prevalent and with people accepting the new normal of practicing hygiene in everything, you have to be double sure of it. Monitor the health of your employees and delivery staff regularly, keep a log of their medical check-ups, initiate no-contact delivery for the safety of your employees and customers, tell your customers how you are disinfecting your offline shop regularly and how your staff is maintaining hygiene while baking and packing as it will make them realize that it’s safe to order from you.

Tip #4 – Utilize the power of social media. People hang out on social media all the time, and by marketing your baking business there, you can get the attention of many to your online bakery shop. Keep in touch with your customers via social media by updating them about your changed business plans or working hours due to the pandemic, inform them about your new baked goods they must try, post product pics, put up offers, contests, discounts to attract and engage customers, post a few baking tips or cake decorating videos which will show how you are practicing hygiene while baking, in short, try to connect with your customers as much as possible.

Tip #5 – Be there where your customers are. Maximize your channels as multi-selling can be fruitful with customers present on all platforms. You can develop a website or mobile app or both for your baking business or put up your baked goods online marketplaces like Amazon, or sell via your social media platforms like (e.g. Facebook and Instagram), and even your offline shop as customers can be anywhere. Approach them via all possible channels to thrive in your baking business.

Tip #6 – Make your communication game strong and clear. It is necessary to keep your communication transparent with your suppliers, customers, employees, and government, especially during the time of crisis for the smooth functioning of your business.

Tip #7 – Think out-of-the-box. Due to coronavirus, online competition is becoming fierce day-by-day with many bakers getting online. Therefore, you need to stand out among them by offering something unique and even more creative. Consider selling Bake-At-Home or Cake Decoration Kits which customers can buy from you and try their hands-on baking at home that can do well during the present times.

Tip #8 – Support the community and healthcare workers as much as you can. Many lost their jobs during the pandemic, and if you can be of some help to them, it will create goodwill for your business. Also, you can try creating small hampers for health workers and distribute them to appreciate their hard work. You can also partner with a small bakery that is highly affected and together can create stunning baked goods that please customers.

Wrapping up

We all know how the pandemic has changed everything upside down but, we have to keep going, and by following the above tips, we are sure your baking business will survive not only the present but any such future crisis.

Author Bio: Rakesh Jain is CEO and co-founder of Ohoshop, which is a leading eCommerce website and mobile app builder for Android and iOS using which store owner can develop their own eCommerce website or mobile app in a few minutes without having coding skills. Ohoshop is bestowed to serve their client with an optimized solution which helps them to achieve massive growth potential for their business.

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