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Tips and Tricks for Advertising You Might Not Know

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Now that most businesses have started to shift their attention to advertising on the internet, it has left some of us in the dust.  That is why I am here today – to offer you some help when it comes to this topic!  There are some new techniques and adjustments to old strategies that can help you get a leg up on some of your competitors.

If that is something that appeals to you or sounds interesting, make sure that you stick around.  Hopefully, I will cover something that you did not already know!  Either way, you are sure to learn something new today!

1. Propose a Problem and Solve it

This is probably nothing new to veterans in this field, but it is still something absolutely worth touching on.  One of the best ways to land a click is to demonstrate that your consumers have a problem and that your service or product can solve that problem.  You can find some examples of how this works on this page if you would like to see it in action.

Allow me to provide you with one of my own, though!  Imagine that you are selling window cleaner.  An angle that you could take is presenting a dirty window and some of the problems that could arise from it.  Then, you show your product as a solution to that.  Obviously, there should be a lot more nuance to it, but that is for you and your marketing team to sort out.


2. Carefully Curate a Team, because They Matter

This one might seem out of left field since it does not have to do with what you are creating, but rather, the people that you are working with to do that creation.  One of the most important aspects of running a business and handling marketing is the team that you build to handle advertising.   

What works for some people might not work for you and your team.  You can carefully cultivate your team to be a group that works in sync with you.  Personally, I prefer to work with those who will grow with me.  That is just something to consider, of course, as you move forward.  Either way, make sure that you can vibe with them and that there are no constant arguments and disagreements.

3. Try Revamping Old School Techniques

Now, I know this is not all that common of a tip but hear me out.  Think about what makes advertisements really stick out in our minds.  For me, I tend to remember the ones that are unique and grab my attention in ways that I have not seen before, or that make me feel nostalgic.


Something like that for me is when I would get an advertising calendar from my local bookstore.  I always kept going back to them because of how charming it was to get the calendar each year.  It kept them on my mind, a subtle reminder when I checked my schedule each day.

Of course, there are other ways that you can do this, too.  Sometimes, just offering one on one consultations or phone calls can make a huge difference.  It really is the little things that help us to stand out to consumers and convince them to pick us over other companies, so keep that in mind!

4. Figure Out Your Target Audience and Go to Them


So – what do I mean by this?  Well, most of us know that determining a target audience is a critical part of building a client base.  We are more likely to make sales to people who can use our products or services – it is kind of a no-brainer, right?

Once we know who those people are, though, it is important that we figure out where they are likely to be browsing.  We should plan to advertise in those spots, rather than expecting this audience to come to us.  It all traces back to being proactive when it comes to our business operations!

Some practical examples of this include the choice between making a billboard or paying for an online advertisement slot.  Depending on who you are marketing to, the choice should be different.

5. Incorporate Testimonials from other Customers

We have seen this technique used time and time again.  You can learn a bit further about it here,, but the main point here is that consumers like to see that people like them get used out of a product before they decide to make a purchase.  This is doubly true when it comes to larger-scale sales for items or services that are quite expensive.

Including reviews somehow in your ads is a great way to do this.  I often think of commercials that have the “real customer” heading for someone speaking on their experience with the product in the ad.  They are very convincing sometimes!  There is no reason not to utilize this technique for ads online as well, so I would encourage you to at least give it a try.

Final Thoughts?

To say that is a challenge to change how we handle marketing and advertising is probably an understatement, particularly if we have been using one strategy for a long time.  However, change and evolution is a good things, especially in the business world.  I would urge you to take a look at your marketing strategies right now and analyze them critically.

Are you accomplishing the goals that you have set out to achieve?  If not, what is going wrong?  Where is the breakdown happening, and how can you improve the process for customers so that they are more likely to buy?

Hopefully, the examples that I have offered today can be of some help to you in determining this.  Right now, playing up on nostalgia is giving many companies success, so that might be something to employ.  Not everyone would want to do something like a calendar, but there are plenty of other options too!

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