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Tinder For Deleting Photos ‘Flic’ Is Free For Limited Time

It has been a bit of a trend lately: developers inspired by Tinder’s User Interface / User Experience try solving other problems with it. There are Tinder-like apps for finding jobs, interesting articles, finding cute pets, new music, and in context of this article, the Tinder for deleting photos – Flic is free for a limited time. Download while its hot!

download flic free

Out of the several thousand photos in my Camera Roll, I reckon the vast majority of them are not actual, useful, memorable photographs but images downloaded from the web to share with friends on WhatsApp, and of course images from friends on WhatsApp. I have tried managing it, but there’s no easy, automatic way to separate ‘photographs’ and ‘images’.

Flic calls itself a Camera Roll Management app. It is designed to be used when you have a few minutes on hand, so you can quickly and efficiently view recent photos, and delete any photos that you deem unworthy of space on your camera roll.

I had my eyes on Flic for a long time, but now that it is finally free, I have my hands on it. It is a bit of a god-send, if you ask me!

flic tinder for camera roll management

The Photos app does not easily allow you to delete several photos at once. I mean functionally, yes, the feature is there – you can batch delete photos – but it is difficult to make the decision of whether a photo is worth saving, or trashing. Flic makes that decision much, much easier since you see a larger thumbnail of the photo before you delete it. Plus, it shows how many MBs you’ve saved as you delete photos, so it is always a bit of a fun challenge to see how much space you can save in a few minutes’ time.

I strongly recommend Flic for those of you who like keeping their photo libraries lean. It is also recommended for those of you with 16GB devices that are constantly running out of space.

Download Flic [iTunes App Store]

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